Vol 4 Section 0008

John Clarke from Arlington, Md. to congratulate Sam on his 70th.

Cecile Freese from NYC as an “old friend” to congratulate Sam on his 70th and with love to Clara and Jean.

Sophia de Genhaim from Vienna, Austria

E.W. Hatch.

Eleanor V. Hutton (Mrs. Laurence Hutton).

Issac F. Marcosson.

D.W. Morrill.

Paul Muller. 

Maud Muratt.

Georgiana Sanborn.

J.H.K. Shannahan.

J.H. Todd.

Annie Trumbull sent a poem.

Marshall P. Wilder telegrammed congratulations from Indianapolis, Ind..

Note: All of the above names and letters courtesy of MTP.