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Addenda & Errata For Volume II (1886-1896)


Unrecorded by Johnson and BAL.” The letter was included in later editions of the book, including the 1992 edition by Aryan Books Int’l, New Delhi.

Dear Sir: / The “Glimpses of India” is certainly a work of very high merit. It is worthy of its great subject…it a higher compliment than that. I have not seen before such satisfying illustrations of the noble and beautiful architecture of India.

June 28, 1896 & July 1, 1896 correction Harriet Beecher Stowe died on the latter date, the former reported was “an exaggeration”—apologies offered for this attempt to rush her along.

In the peace of a quiet home, with her two daughters, Eliza and Harriet, her sister, Mrs. Isabella Beecher Hooker, and her devoted nurse, Mrs. Arms, at her bedside, Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe passed away yesterday at noon. [Hartford Courant, July 2 1896 “Death of Mrs. Stowe” p.6].

July 10, 1896In Cape Town, Sam inscribed an aphorism to Rose Ornstein, daughter of Rev. Abraham Frederick Ornstein (1836-1895), London-born pioneer minister in Australia and South Africa. “Truth is the most valuable thing we have. Let us economise it. / Truly Yours / Mark Twain / Cape Town, July 10/96” [eBay by glyniscoe item #270562414619 Apr. 12, 2010].

Sam also inscribed a 5” x 4” photograph of himself (taken by Falk Studios in Australia) “Sincerely Yours” to A.M. Robeson, with whom he had toured the Kimberley mines on July 2. He was in Cape Town, so either Robeson accompanied him from Kimberley or he mailed the photo [ABE books, Sophie Duprie Bookseller #SD30701 Apr. 18, 2009].

October or early November, 1896 addition – Baetzhold writes citing Sam’s notebook:

In October or early November, 1896, he [Sam] visited Thomas Carlyle’s house in nearby Cheyne Row, where he was especially impressed at seeing a scrap of manuscript from The French Revolution, the only one to survive the burning of the original first volume [196: NB 39 TS 21]. Note: translated to revised NB # as in MTNJ 3.

December 31, 1896 addition – This the date of the two contracts H.H. Rogers worked out over several months to secure Mark Twain and his family returns from a Uniform Edition of his works. There were two contracts, which may be found in MTHHR Appendixes, B & C, pages 678 and 682 respectively. The first contract was between Harper & Brothers, the American Publishing Co., and Mrs. Olivia L. Clemens. The second agreement was between Olivia L. Clemens and Samuel L. Clemens, The American Publishing

Co., and Charles Dudley Warner. Sam and Livy signed the contracts in London on Jan. 4, 1897

Rogers]. Harper & Brothers did not sign until Feb. 26, 1897; Frank Bliss until Mar. 4, 1897 262n1].