Vol 3 Section 1122

1058                                                                        1904

F.D. Hirschberg & Brothers, St. Louis, wrote to Sam, all about Mr. Wheeler, Mr. Baldwin, and matters concerning the Plasmon Co. of America, and hoping Mr. Davis would be willing to take on the management of the firm. Wheeler, who recently went to St. Louis, talked with Hirschberg and was surprised that their proxy had been given to Sam [MTP].

George W. Reeves wrote to Sam, thankful that the Tarrytown contract had been closed. Though “aggravating,” Reeves claimed to “have stuck to the matter” and regretted that Sam was ill [MTP].

Moses Allen Starr in NY wrote to Sam, feeling badly that he had recommended Dr. Kirch of Florence, and would never recommend him again [MTP].

December 22 Thursday

December 23 FridayAttorney John Larkin wrote to Sam, clearing up matters of the transfer tax on the Tarrytown property on Livy’s estate. He had had “considerable correspondence with Mr. Jervis Langdon” on the matter and prepared “additional affidavits which I believe will satisfy the transfer tax appraiser” but Sam would have to swear to an affidavit before a notary and return the document to Larkin


A.G. Paine wrote to Sam, enclosing a letter from Frank L. Norris, who wished for “a fitting memorial of an author whom I have grown to love”—in other words, an autograph. Paine wrote that Norris was “a sincere fellow, possessed of taste and judgment, as his letter shows” [MTP].

December 24 Saturday

December 25 SundayThe New York Times ran a feature article on p. SM1, “Mark Twain—His Autobiography; Rescued from Oblivion After a Third of a Century,” headed by several engravings and photos. See Insert of sketch, captioned: “The latest portrait study of Mark Twain from photograph by Marceau.” The sketch also noted by J.A. Williams.

December 26 Monday

December 27 Tuesday – William E. Benjamin wrote to Sam, enclosing the Hoyt bill for the balance of commission on the sale of the Tarrytown house amounting to $800. In case the sale fell through all would be returned [MTP].

Nathan Haskell Dole wrote from Jamaica Plains, NY to invite Sam to the Boston Authors’ Club 12th night dinner on either Jan. 6 or 7 [MTP].

December 28 WednesdayDr. Matthew Gaffney wrote from Newark to Sam. He’d written before asking for “Just a word” about Rev. Dr. Edward McGlynn and Henry George, to be included in a bio of the former [MTP]. Note: Lyon wrote on the letter that she’d written him saying in time his letter would be put in front of Sam, who had been ill.

December 29 Thursday – Marion von Kendler wrote from Vienna, Austria to Sam, noting the old year had been a cruel one for him and wishing him better with healing of time in the new year [MTP].

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.