Vol 3 Section 1121

1904                                                                           1057

James MacArthur wrote to ask Sam to inscribe two photos of himself, for the wife of Charles Major, one for James and one for the lady [MTP]. Note: see prior entries on both men.

On or after this day at 21 Fifth Ave. in N.Y.C. Isabel V. Lyon replied to the above for Sam to James MacArthur: “Mr. Clemens is very glad to comply with requests that are so complimentary as those are yours & Mrs Major’s” [MTP].

Sebastiano V. Cecchi wrote. “Your most interesting letter of the 17th ultimo [Nov. 17 not extant] came duly to hand, followed by your note of the 20th with Miss Jean’s. It is alright about the servants wages: they were to receive for the four months July to Oct., and I have paid that, and nothing more.” He hoped that all the matters outstanding about the Villa Quarto would be soon settled, and he sent regards to the family [MTP].

December 17 SaturdayAt 21 Fifth Ave. in N.Y.C. Sam wrote an autograph for Avery (not further identified): To Avery—with kind remembrances of / Mark Twain / Dec. 1904 [MTP: Smith, Perline & Co. catalogs, Apr. 7, 1995, Item 782].

Ralph W. Ashcroft wrote to Sam [MTP]. UCCL 39141 letter is not currently available.

George W. Reeves wrote to Sam. “The copies of contract enclosed I will ask you not to sign until Mr. Benjamin has approved of them…If satisfactory, I will call with duplicates with Mr. Gardiner’s signature” [MTP].

Edmund C. Stedman wrote from Bronxville, NY to invite Sam to lunch to meet the recently elected members of the Academy of Arts and Letters—at the Century Club, Sat. Jan. 7 at 1 p.m. Howells was in Europe, but John Hay would travel to NY for the occasion [MTP].

December 17 ca.At 21 Fifth Ave. in N.Y.C. Sam responded per Isabel Lyon to Edward F. Brownell’s Dec. 15 question on behalf of Tabitha Greening: “No, add $ 15 to the Dec. allowance” [MTP]. Note: Brownell’s letter from Keokuk likely took longer than 2 days the MTP uses as an estimate of Sam’s response.

December 18 Sunday

December 19 Monday – Eleanor L. Nicholas wrote a “begging letter” from Montpelier, Vt. to Sam, who wrote on the envelope: “Curiosity” [MTP].

December 20 Tuesday

December 21 WednesdayAt 21 Fifth Ave. in N.Y.C. Isabel V. Lyon wrote for Sam to Edmund Clarence Stedman, now in Brownsville, N.Y.

“Mr. Clemens wishes me to write for him to thank you for your invitation to lunch with you and the members of the Academy of Arts and Letters on January seventh, but to say that he must decline, for he is not accepting any invitations this year” [MTP].

William Evarts Benjamin wrote to Sam. “Herewith I am sending you two contracts, for the sale of your property at Tarrytown, as prepared by Mr. Clute. Please sign them, have your secretary witness them and return…” [MTP].

Andrew M. Clute, NY Atty wrote to Sam. “The contracts for the sale of your Tarrytown property were signed and closed today. I received from Mr. Gardiner check for Twenty-five hundred dollars ( $2500. ) endorsed to your order which I enclose herewith” [MTP].

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.