Vol 3 Section 1115

1904                                                                           1051

November 17 ThursdayAt the Grosvenor Hotel in N.Y.C. Sam wrote to Katharine I. Harrison, asking her to place 3,500 lire for him with the Manhattan Trust co. for the credit of Haskard & Co., Ltd, Florence. He suggested any future Florentine accounts be paid this way [MTHHR 581].

Sam also wrote to Sebastiano V. Cecchi, letter not extant but referred to in Cecchi’s Dec. 16.

Harper & Brothers wrote to Sam, enclosing an annual statement of his account to Oct. 31, 1904, totaling $25,029.14 to his credit. “We trust you will be pleased with the results” [MTP].

November 18 FridayAn unidentified person wrote from NY to Sam, only the envelope survives


November 19 Saturday

November 20 SundaySam also wrote to Sebastiano V. Cecchi, letter not extant but referred to in Cecchi’s Dec. 16.

November 21 Monday

November 22 TuesdayAt the Grosvenor Hotel in N.Y.C. Sam wrote to Katharine I. Harrison.

“This Aeolian bill is correct. Will you please send a check for it to the Co. for me, & greatly oblige …. A

week from to-day I expect to move into the house, & shall expect to have Jean with me two days later. Then I shall be glad!” [MTHHR 582].

Sam also wrote to William Hawk that the border (mourning) of his note explained why he could not come; he’d mislaid the invitation after answering it promptly, and so was answering it again [MTP].

Sam also wrote to John Y. MacAlister in London.

I have thought it important & wise to urge Ashcroft to go over & have a talk with you; for there is much to say, & letters & cables are of next to no use at all in any effort to convey a clear & intimate understanding of a business project—as witness those futile efforts of August last. You know Ashcroft. If you need any testimony from me, here you have it: I certify him to you & to the officers of our London Plasmon Companies as being truthful, honorable, careful, & as a bright & good business man & very efficient manager. He may not need to talk with any one but you, but if he should need to know & talk with the others, I endorse him to them [MTP]. Note: See entries: Dec. 1901, Mar. 17, 1902, May 1903, Aug. 1904 regarding warring factions within the American side of the Plasmon Co.

C.N.B. Wheeler wrote to Sam, complimenting him on his article on Joan of Arc in the Dec. issue of Harper’s [MTP].

November 23 WednesdayAt the Grosvenor Hotel in N.Y.C. Sam wrote to Susan Crane.

Dear Sue: / Jean will come down from the Berkshires next Tuesday or Wednesday, & I expect to be located in the house (it is 21–5th ave) a day or more before she arrives. I think we shall be sort of half-way settled by three or four days after Jean arrives—settled enough to see nieces, anyway—& shall be glad to see you then, for you won’t mind what is left of the confusion & unsettledness. It won’t look like a home, by that time, but it will at least be on its way to that. We’ve had a steady 3-months’ job of it, & the interior aspects are

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.