Vol 3 Section 1106

1042                                                                        1904

October 25 TuesdayIn N.Y.C. Sam inscribed a copy of A Dog’s Tale to an unidentified person:

“With the kindest regards of the Author, Oct. 25, 1904 [MTP: Samuel T. Freeman & Co. catalogs, 3 May 1932, Item 105].

October 26 Wednesday

October 27 ThursdayAt the Grosvenor Hotel in N.Y.C. Sam wrote to daughter Jean.

Dear Jean: / Let Miss Lyon tell them your registered-letter address “will be as above for the next few weeks while the dwelling at

21 Fifth avenue

is undergoing repairs.”

Don’t let them return the certificates to Lee.

Sign in ink, Jean, wherever I have written your name in pencil. Let the witness sign where the penciled cross is.

This has been an awful secretarial job. My brains are absolutely caked with its perplexities. I haven’t sworn so much in three days.

What is your favorite piece of music, dear? Mine is Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. I’ve found that out within a day or two. / With love / Father

Ship the stuff in the enclosed brown envelop, & REGISTER IT.

Jean dear, please write Mrs. Corey a word of thanks for me [MTP].

Sam also wrote to John Y. MacAlister in London.

I am profoundly grieved & shocked to hear of Samuel Bergheim’s death. I had a strong liking for him, as a man, & a great admiration of his mental equipment & superiorities. I have cabled a word to the two families [cable not extant], but I want you to say the rest for me. I cannot write it, it would bring back my own bereavement unbearably.

I wish you would write me a line some time. And so I have put an address at the head of this letter. It is a large old house on the corner of 9th st—at the other end of the block from your last-years hostelry, the Brevoort House. We’ve got it for 3 years, & shall move in as soon as the renovations are finished.

Clara is shut up in a rest-cure till May, Jean is still in the country house,

I am in this hotel—& lonesome [MTP]. Note: Samuel Bergheim (1833-1904), London director of Plasmon Co.

C. Brereton Sharpe for the Plasmon Syndicate, London sent Sam a notice of a 2 1/2 per cent dividend, making five percent for the year ending June 30. On his 5,000 shares was enclosed a cheque for £350.0.0


Joe Twichell wrote from Hartford to Sam.

“We all thank you for manifesting an uncle’s feelings about Joe [Jr.]. He is coming along finely and will apparently be all right again in a few days. Burt—who is in the Yale Law School—brought him home last Saturday, still suffering—though less than he had been—from the effects of the concussion and wrench he sustained the previous Tuesday on the field of battle.” Joe Jr. would go back to college the next week but Joe Sr. doubted he would play any more football. About Clara, he was distressed to think of her “long, long imprisonment, however advisable and necessary it is” [MTP].

October 28 FridayAt the Grosvenor Hotel in N.Y.C. Sam wrote to Joe Twichell.

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.