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1904                                                                           1035

Ralph W. Ashcroft wrote to Sam. “As I’m to be in jail before sun down (so Wheeler says) I’ve written out my defence to his & Hammond’s charge & enclose it herewith. / Try to digest and assimilate it before Wednesday” [MTP]. Note: enclosed is a typed, mock-legal, 8-page document headed “IN THE SUPREME COURT OF FAIR-PLAY / S.L. Clemens, Presiding Judge.”

September 17 SaturdayIn the morning, the Kanawha arrived in Fairhaven, Mass. with Mark Twain, and Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Rogers. The New York Times, Sept. 20, p.1 reported:



Dedication of Fairhaven Church Postponed—Indisposition Slight.

Special to The New York Times.

NEW BEDFORD, Mass., Sept. 19.—The dedication of the Memorial Church, Fairhaven, has been indefinitely postponed owing to the illness of Henry H. Rogers, who is suffering from a slight attack of dysentery, which developed since his arrival in Fairhaven Saturday. Dr. John C. Shaw, who is attending Mr. Rogers, says that the attack is but a mild one, and there is no cause for alarm.

Mr. and Mrs. Rogers, accompanied by members of the family and Mark Twain, arrived in Fairhaven Saturday morning, but in the afternoon he felt better and inspected the building, which is his gift. On Sunday Mr. Rogers was so fully recovered that the arrangements for the dedication to-morrow were completed. This morning [Sept. 19], however, found Mr. Rogers not so well, and the postponement notice was given out from his residence this forenoon. It is expected that new invitations will be issued shortly, as it is the desire of Mr. Rogers and his family that the postponement may not be taken to indicate that he is seriously ill. [Note: Sam made the principal speech at the laying of the cornerstone for the church on Aug. 5, 1901].

Daniel Willard Fiske (1831-1904) died in Franfurt on the Main, Germany.

Harold Wheeler for the Plasmon Co. of America wrote to Sam.

“A wire from Mr. Hammond at Gloucester,Thursday night, told me the substance of your telegram to him and of his reply. He has since gone to St. Louis, and I have had no further message from him.

“I am sorry, of course, to learn that you look upon me as a stumbling block, or personal non grata, in this matter,—as I should be sorry for any man’s ill opinion of me.” He also regretted that Bergheim shared this view. Wheeler was “quite ready to withdraw and turn over such functions as I have had to Mr. Davis, or Mr. Truslow, or any one else…” but would not do so voluntarily “while Mr. Hammond asks me to remain,” as he felt a duty to Hammond [MTP].

September 18 SundaySam was in Fairhaven, Mass.

September 19 MondaySam was in Fairhaven, Mass.

Ralph W. Ashcroft wrote two letters to Sam. “Wheeler went to St. Louis with Hammond. / I enclose amended Second page of my ‘defence’ which please attach to the other pages, & destroy (or return to me Wednesday) the page it supplants.”

His second letter discussed The International Spiral Pin Co. and stock which Sam might purchase. “On behalf of my uncle, Capt. W.D. Garside, of Melbourne, Australia, I hereby offer you all or any part of $6,000. of the preferred shares…” [MTP]. Note: sometimes later referred to as the Jewell Pin Co.

September 20 TuesdaySam was in Fairhaven, Mass.

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.