Vol 3 Section 1090

1026                                                                        1904

August 16 TuesdaySam stayed the night in with the Broughtons in their country place in Great Neck, Long Island, N.Y. [17 Aug. to Lyon, Aug. 18 to Loomis].

August 17 Wednesday – Sam returned to N.Y.C.. and signed a three-year lease with James A. Renwick for the house at 21 Fifth Avenue in N.Y.C. at $3,500 per year [Hill 97]. He checked in on Clara again at Dr. Parry’s, and learned that Jean was on crutches in Lee, Mass. He then returned to Great Neck [Aug. 18 to HHR; Aug. 18 to Loomis]. Note: the house would undergo repairs and be ready for the remaining Clemens family in November. Insert of 21 Fifth Ave. (corner; next to Brevoort House).

Regarding the lease, Sam wrote on United Metals Selling Co. letterhead to Isabel V. Lyon in Lee, Mass.

Please make entry in the Lincoln check-book of a check  of to-day’s date for “$291.67 to order of James A. Renwick, being rent for the month of October on the house No. 21 Fifth ave.”

I have no check-book. I used a check procured at the bank. I shall get a new check book to-morrow—I am all balled up for lack of it.

Please tell Jean I hear good reports of her progress from Clara, & am very glad; that I have been entirely bankrupt as to changes of underclothing, night-shirts & socks, but have been to Sterne’s to-day & laid in a supply; that I can’t tell yet when I shall be home; that I have taken No. 21 for 3 years, & the repairs will begin at once & occupy a month; that I send her my love, & am just leaving for Long Island with Mr. Broughton to stay all night at his country house. It is a lovely place on the water. I stayed there last night [MTP]. Note: The house would have need of many repairs; on Oct. 23 Sam wrote that he hoped the workmen would be finished by mid-Nov. [Oct. 23 to Pears].

Ralph W. Ashcroft wrote to Sam all about the politics goings-on at the Plasmon Co. of America.

I saw Mr. Lauterbach to-day. I have decided to take the Saturday afternoon train to Lee. I will look you up on Sunday and return to New York on the Sunday night train, and deliver Bergheim’s power of attorney to Mr. Lauterbach on Monday morning. Then we will be sure it will be in his hands.

It may be necessary for you to act without Baldwin, as he seems to be getting afraid of treading on Law’s toes. I told him that it would be necessary to get such a grip on the patents, etc., as to make it impossible to have them wrested from us by any means—a higher bid at a sale, for instance. I outlined my plan to Mr. Lauterbach, and told him you wanted to get permanent possession of the patent & other property and he approved of the plan …P.S. Wheeler cabled to London to-day and I sent them a cable at the same time, telling them what to reply to him [MTP]. Note: Edward Lauterbach, and Walker W. Law, Jr.; Baldwin is not further identified.

Albert Bigelow Paine wrote to Sam.

I have been out of the city—and just got your note yesterday. The letters have been returned to Mrs. Nast

      my copy has gone to the printer, but I will endeaveor to see that you get proof of the extracts selected before the book pages are cast. I think you will find that I have been considerate in my quotations—my only purpose being to add touches of interest to the book…[MTP]. Note: Sam wrote on the env. To Isabel Lyon: “Tell him I have full confidence both in his good taste & his right intentions.” Paine was writing a biography of Thomas Nast.

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.