Vol 3 Section 1089

August 11 Thursday

1904                                                                           1025


Mary Dunham in Lenox, Mass. wrote a short note of condolence to Sam [MTP]. Note: She signed it York Harbor; the postmark is Lenox.


Candace Wheeler wrote a short note of condolence to Sam, “to break the silence.” She felt Livy was a “freed soul” [MTP].



Sam’s notebook: “2 years ago Livy was stricken, at York Harbor, 7 in the morning. From that time until the fatal 5th of June, 1904, she never saw a well day” [NB 47 TS 17].


August 12 Friday – Jervis Langdon II wrote to Sam.


“The stenographer who attended the funeral and took down Mr. Twichell’s and Mr. Eastman’s remarks has sent me a copy of his work which is small and neatly bound. He desires it to go to you, and I am mailing it to you to-day.” He related the trouble that Julia’s husband Edward Loomis had had with his ankle, which forced a delay in their trip. He hoped for Jean’s fast improvement with “no further calamities.” At the bottom of the typed one-page letter, Jervis wrote by hand: “I am glad you found a probatable will, & that the whole matter is thus simplified for you. Love to Jean” [MTP].


August 13 Saturday


August 14 SundayRev. Minot Judson Savage wrote from Billrica, Mass. to Sam, enclosing a small, fold-out schedule of his sermons and books.


Dear Mr. Clemens: / I have followed you & your work ever since I heard you lecture in Grass Valley, Cal. In 1866. You have given me more hours of pleasure than any other living writer.


Now, in your sorrow, I wish I could help you. I do not expect to. I am not so stupid as to offer you “consolation.” ….I only want to say to you that I wish I could make your burden lighter [MTP].


August 15 MondaySam was in N.Y.C. and had planned to go to Great Neck, Long Island to stay with the Broughtons, but was fatigued with taking care of business so went to bed at 8 p.m. and delayed the trip for a day [Aug. 18 to Loomis].


Livy’s last will and testament was filed in N.Y.C. The New York Times, Aug. 16, p.7 noted:




Author’s Wife Willed Property to Him and Two Children.

When Mrs. Olivia Langdon Clemens, wife of Samuel L. Clemens, “Mark Twain,” died at Florence, Italy, in June last, it was not generally known that she had left property of any consequence, but the petition filed for probate in the Surrogate’s office yesterday [Aug. 15], shows that her personal estate is more than $10,000, and that the value of the real estate is more than $25,000.


The property is left to the husband of the testator and the two children., Clara L. Clemens and Jean Lampton Clemens.


Walker W. Law, Jr. wrote from Briarcliff Manor, NY to Sam (at the Hotel Wolcott), having rec’d his of Aug. 13 the day before, by Ashcroft. He thought it Hammond’s right to have a representative on the new Board of Plasmon Co. of America, because of his “large interest,” but did not think Hammond would “expect to control the board….My suggestion to Mr. Ashcroft was, that you should drop a line to Mr. Hammond regarding the


composition of the Board of Directors, and I can assure you that he will give a very full consideration to anything you may bring before him, and if it is your wish I will write a letter speaking for yourself and father” [MTP].


SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.