Vol 3 Section 1070

1006                                                                        1904

Sam wrote to Plasmon Co., giving his new address at York Harbor, Maine and asking: “Please send me some supplies there—Plasmon—biscuits—& cocoa” [MTP].

In Oxford, England, William Dean Howells wrote to Sam.

You have been often in my mind since your last letter came, and I wish you would tell me what you expect to do and where you expect to go. I met my wife at Liverpool on Sunday and we all came on here, for the degree I got on Wednesday. We expect to go to London next Monday, and the last of July to Italy with her later. John sails from Boston for Genoa July 2. I fancy he was hoping to see you in Florence; but I don’t know just what his plans are. If you are detained into the summer, I wish you would write me. I’m sending this on the chance that you wont get away so soon as you thought.

Elinor and Pilla join me in helpless love and pity for you all [MTHL 2: 788].

Rev. Ira S. Dodd in Riverdale, NY, wrote condolences to Sam [MTP].

June 25 SaturdayThe Clemens party rested at the Grand Hotel Du Quirinal in Rome, Italy [June 26 to Langdon].

Sam’s notebook: “Giving Clara a day of needed rest. Expect to leave for Naples tomorrow noon. / Dr. Baldwin came. He was furious over Kirch’s charge of 7,300 francs for 3 months & 28 days medical attendance. He wrote a harsh letter to Kirch & I got a copy of it” [NB 47 TS 13].

Sebastiano V. Cecchi of Haskard & Co. sent a telegram to Sam and wrote him a letter. In the letter he

quotes the cable: “Rogers cables: = letter received, matter will be attended to=”. He also wrote: “It seems that your wishes in regard to Kirch, will be gratified; a lawyer has telephoned to me to ask who your Advocate is, as he has been charged by the Dr. to approach him on his behalf! I know nothing more for the present” [MTP].

June 26 SundayAt the Grand Hotel Du Quirinal in Rome Sam wrote to Charles J. Langdon.

Dear Charley: / Jean, Katy & I had to halt when the rest left the Villa for good, on the 20th. Jean was sick. But she rallied, & we followed the others 3 hours later & arrived at the Hotel de la Ville about 8 p. m.

We were to remain there 4 days while the mourning-gowns were finishing.

We came to Rome the 24th, intending to stop a day to give Clara a rest; but concluded to make it 2 days, for she was in bad shape.

So, we were to go to Naples to-day, leaving an hour after noon. But at noon Jean was not well enough, so we unpacked & are waiting another day. It is 5.30 p. m., now, & Jean is ever so much better.

I hope to have these two safe on board the ship day after to-morrow—where their poor mother already lies lonely.

Unless the girls are better than they are now when they reach New York, it will not be safe to allow them to go to Elmira. Unless the strain is soon removed from Clara she will go down with a crash and her present two-thirds nervous breakdown will take on an additional third & be complete.

I set my hopes upon the journey to Naples to-morrow. If we fail to make it, poor Livy will make her pathetic voyage all alone—she has never had to do that before. Then of course I will cable you.

If you receive no cable, it will mean that we have succeeded in reaching the ship.

With love to you all, out of a heart that is full of bitterness & rebellion— … [MTP].

Sam’s notebook: “When we were ready to leave the hotel at noon, Jean was not well enough. Canceled all arrangements. We wait over till tomorrow at 1.20 p.m. / Our ship is the Prince Oscar. Our dear casket went on board at Genoa yesterday ” [NB 47 TS 13-14].

Jean was still not well enough to travel, so the Clemens party remained another day in Rome. By 5:30 p.m., Jean was “ever so much better.”

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.