Vol 3 Section 1036

April 4 Monday

972                                                                        1904


April 1 FridaySam’s notebook: “Visit that Villa—leave here 9 a.m.” [NB 47 TS 8]. Note: Sam was still shopping for a better villa.


Edward B. Caulfield of the Italian Gazette wrote to Sam.


“The New York ‘Sun’ is misinformed. Maurice Hewlett is not spending the winter in Florence, & he has not even come to Italy for the tour he will make this spring through Tuscany to collect material.


“I have only just met him, but I know some friends of his well.” Could Sam suggest a “likely editor” of an American newspaper? He needed more reliable news. He added about Clara’s “forthcoming concert” that he had received the notice to insert in his paper but had not received the “customary complimentary tickets” [MTP].


Edward Stern wrote from Phila. to Sam, enclosing an essay of his entitled “Change” which he offered for any changes Sam might suggest [MTP].


April 2 SaturdaySam’s notebook: “Tailor, 10 a.m.” [NB 47 TS 8]. Note: Sam’s Italian tailor is not known.


Henry Eichbaum wrote from Gobbo’s Hotel, Florence to Sam. “It is now over forty years since I left the Mississippi Valley and nearly as many since I have had the opportunity of conversing with any one who took part in the wonderful drama of Life on the Mississippi before its destruction by the introduction of railroads” Sam wrote on the env. “Let him come here Thursday. But my interest in the subject is dead.” Eichbaum enclosed a card with a London, Picadilly address [MTP].


April 3 Sunday – John Y. MacAlister wrote to Sam, the letter not extant but quoted in Sam’s notebook: “I will put aside for you 500 or 1000 shares (whichever you prefer), & if at the end of a year they are paying or are worth their par value (in the market) you can pay for them with Plasmon Founders—say at the rate of 3 Plasmon F.’s for 1000 Ls. How is that?” [NB 47 TS 8]. Note: Sam wrote after this quote: “(From Mac’s letter of Apl. 3 / 04. I’ll call for 1000 shares on those terms” [ibid]. Founder’s Shares were a type of initial shares offered, with higher priority than even preferred shares. See Mar. 21 to MacAlister.


Sam’s notebook: “Cs [Countess] Valgoria 4 to 7 / Via Cennini 2 / Montebellow / Schaefer / Grand Hotel / Paris / Fiske” [NB 47 TS 8].



Sam’s notebook: “Admiral Wilkes / 8 via Venezia. / [Horiz. Line separator] / Mrs. Royson Ryerson / via de’ Pinti 51. / [Horiz. Line separator] / Mead, 21 vis Cavour” [NB 47 TS 8]. Note: AMT 1: 595 gives this notation of Rear Admiral Charles Wilkes (1798-1877) as his first meeting of Mrs. Wilkes, born Mary H. Lynch. Admiral Wilkes was credited as “discoverer” of Antartica. In his A.D. of Feb. 20, 1906 Sam recalled this as “One of the last visits I made in Florence…”


Edward B. Caulfield of the Italian Gazette wrote to Sam, after hearing from Gregory Smith that Sam wished to see him. He suggested Thursday next. He also noted he’d rec’d a ticket for Clara’s concert




Arthur M. Cobb sent Sam a 4×4 printed invitation to an exhibition “of his recent bindings and other things in leather, at Vieusseux’s Building, from April the Fourth through April the Tenth” [MTP].


Martha G. Gray (Mrs. David Gray) sent Sam a printed formal invitation for the marriage of her daughter Emily Gray to Mr. Chauncey Jerome Hamlin, on Apr. 4, Trinity Church, Buffalo, NY. No note was in the file [MTP].


April 5 TuesdayAt the Villa Reale di Quarto near Florence Sam wrote to Miss Margaret Sherry.


SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.