Vol 3 Section 1034

970                                                                        1904

changeable quest, for this thing, that thing & the other, with disappointment every time, particularly when the thing is found.

And now I have bethought me that if we gain that which we seek for, & bear back our lives to our own people . . . . . . . That we shall be as lonely then as we are this hour, & that the folk round about us shall be to us no much & no more than these trees & the wild things that dwell amongst them. / I thank you again

[MTP]. Note: The Magnetic North (1904); Gribben p. 584.

Sam also wrote to an unidentified man.

I remember writing the passage, (for print, I think) but that is all. I do not remember when it was, nor any other thing about it.

Certainly “drowsing” palms is rational & descriptive, but a “bowing” palm or a bowing telegraph pole is a revolting suggestion [MTP: Frear 218].

William Dean Howells, now in Bath, England, wrote to Sam that he’d just written an introduction to Sam for “a young Scotch doctor” (John Crawford) who was traveling to Italy. The Howellses planned on going to London on Monday and then would begin their European travels [MTHL 2: 783].

C. Brereton Sharpe for the Plasmon Syndicate wrote to Sam and enclosed a check for £350.0.0 for his 5,000 shares in the Syndicate [MTP].

March 26 SaturdaySam’s notebook: “Countess Montjoye” [NB 47 TS 7]. Note: this may be Alice Ann Lymer Monck (d. 1905), the widow of Count Montjoy, Richard Charles Stanley Montjoy Monck (1858-1892).

James Douglas Campbell for the Plasmon Co. of America wrote to inform Sam of a stockholders’ meeting on Apr. 28, 1904 at 2:30 p.m in the company offices, 116 Broad St. NYC [MTP].

March 27 Sunday – Mrs. E.H. Higinbotham wrote from Florence to Sam, asking if she might call and pay her respects. She was the bride of the wedding Sam had mentioned at the St. Louis Club in 1902; She remembered him as saying that “Mr. Papeu [sp?] had been guilty of a great oversight in having failed to be the prospective bridegroom” [MTP].

Dr. Giovanni Nesti wrote to Sam, thanking for his “kind letter with the cheque” [MTP]. Note: See Mar. 20 for Nesti’s itemized bill.

Dova Prunetti wrote from Rome, Italy to Sam, asking for his autograph [MTP].

March 28 MondaySam’s notebook: “Began dictating again, after an interval of 2 months” [NB 47 TS 7].

Elisabeth Marbury wrote to Sam, enclosing a financial statement and a check for $32.71 for one week’s performance of PW [MTP].

James Douglas Campbell for the Plasmon Co. of America wrote to Sam, enclosing a proxy form for him to use for the upcoming stockholders’ meeting [MTP].

Warren Elbridge Price for The Book-Lover wrote to Sam, sending him a copy of the magazine. Price asked for a favorite picture of Twain to include “in an early number” [MTP].

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.