Vol 3 Section 1023

1904                                                                            959

1895 involving Oscar Wilde and the Marquess of Queensberry led to the club’s disrepute and decline. The date of the luncheon mentioned was not determined, but Meyers died Jan. 17, 1901; it’s possible, though doubtful that Sam or the others would have visited the Albemarle after the scandal in 1895. Bates wrote her first novel in 1879.

Julie Lancashire wrote from Didsbury, England to Sam, hoping that he might pay a visit to Manchester upon his return to America [MTP].

Raffaele Simboli for Il Nuova Antologia (a prestigious Italian quarterly) wrote to Sam, sorry to hear he was ill and thankful for his “very kind letter.” (likely of Feb. 26) He would write to the photographer to go to Sam’s villa in a fortnight when he was “completely recovered” [MTP].

March Metropolitan Magazine ran “An Interview with Mark Twain” by Clara Morris, the actress [Tenney 39: The Twainian (Feb. 1943)]. “Recollections of ain interview, apparently years earlier, in Wallack’s Theatre; the conversation with ‘Mr. Twain’ is reconstructed vaguely and imperfectly from memory. Illustrated with a drawing of MT by Edmund Frederick. (NYPL)” [Tenney: “A Reference Guide Third Annual Supplement,” American Literary Realism, Autumn 1979 p. 189]. See Insert.

March 1 Tuesday – Elmira College Club wrote to Sam that his annual dues of $1 per year had not been received [MTP]. Note: “Sent 2.00.”

March 1, after – Isabel V. Lyon wrote a note for Sam to Livy concerning a Feb. 29 letter received from Miss Emily Katherine Bates.

Dear Mrs. Clemens. / Mr. Clemens wishes me to ask if you remember this lady. He wishes me to say that his

idea is to tell her there is much illness here, but that when she comes to Florence, if she will call some one will

be glad to see her.

[OLC’s reply:]

Dear Miss Lyons, / yes, I remember her well & we shall be glad to see her when she passes through F. if we are well enough. Probably it will be well to make a truthful statement of the illnesses & not minify them. / If she tells us when she is to be here we can perhaps appoint a time to see her [MTP].

March 2 WednesdayAt the Villa Reale di Quarto near Florence, Isabel V. Lyon wrote for Sam to Francis P. Elliott (1861-1924), at this time editor of The New Age, Washington, D.C.

Mr. Clemens directs me to write for him, saying that any MSS. that he may have belongs now to Messrs. Harper and Bros. If you care to go to Mr. Duneka of Harper & Bros, asking if he is willing to sell the article to you for publication in your magazine, and if he consents to do so, Mr. Clemens will then send the MS [MTP]. Note: Elliott had been with Harpers (1898-1900), and managing editor of Home Magazine (1900-1903).

March 3 ThursdayDr. H. Laing Gordon for the British Relief Fund wrote the gratitude of the committee to Sam and those who helped with the performance of Cousin Kate [MTP].

Ubaldo Traverso, Florence attorney, wrote to Sam that he was required to give evidence in a case before the court in Berlin. “To avoid the inconvenience of appearing on the 7th ins., I have asked Dr. Kirch to send me a medical certificate to the effect that you are unable to come to Florence for some days” [MTP].

March 4 FridaySam’s notebook: “Apparently they finished cleaning the cesspools to-day. They have been several days at it. / Suddenly at 4 p.m. Smith brought word from Higgs that he had promised the Aurora to a lady

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.