Vol 3 Section 0960

Hartford Postmaster.

October 1 ThursdayAt Quarry Farm in Elmira, N.Y. Sam wrote a note to the Hartford Postmaster that was not sent.

In this envelop came a letter (dated 6 weeks back) from Brazil, in which the writer says he is sending me a little book “by private hands.”

I seldom want the books that are sent me by strangers, but this time it is different! I would not miss getting this one for anything. I shall be glad to pay transportation if it can be found [MTP]. Note: this letter not sent, but referred to Whitmore between this date and Oct. 5. The donor is revealed in his Oct. 2 as the author, James Barnes.

Sam also wrote to unidentified men. “I prefer it to the other fountain pens because it carries its filler in its own stomach & I can’t mislay it, even by art & intention. Also I prefer it because it is a profanity-saver: it cannot roll off the desk” [MTP].

The Conklin Pen Co. ran ads containing a letter of praise with this date from Mark Twain. See insert 1904 ad.

October 1-5 MondayAt Quarry Farm in Elmira, N.Y. Sam wrote to Franklin G. Whitmore, enclosing the above Oct. 1 note to the