Vol 3 Section 0959

1903                                                                            897

Note: this entry was made under the printed heading for Sept. 12. Under the proper Sept. 28 printed heading

he entered: “No more decision than a dictionary. / As undecided as a Dicy [TS 25].

September 29 Tuesday

September 30 WednesdaySam’s notebook: “A P H / Every hog has his day” [NB 46 TS 25].

Joe Twichell wrote to Sam, pasting a Hartford Courant clipping at the top of the first page, which related an anecdote of Sam attending Parker’s Old South Church when Joe was away, and saying:

“They have no choir up at Twichell’s meetinghouse, and I like to come down here, now and then, to sit with Robinson and enjoy—the music!” Joe asked if Sam had seen it. “We are home again…I am to get the treadmill started for another year. We had the best sort of vacation and are all improved in condition by it— especially Harmony. We hope for good news of Livy. When you get to New York let us know when we may come down—if we may—and—But lo at this moment, Sue opens my door and tosses on to my table Livy’s letter of the 28th inst., just brought by the postman!!! Livy’s own letter, from her own dear hand!…Thank God” Livy said they might lunch with them in NY between Oct. 7 and 24 [MTP].

October – Catani Ugo’s portrait of Mark Twain was published in International Studio, p. 291. No additional text was provided [Tenney: “A Reference Guide Second Annual Supplement,” American Literary Realism, Autumn 1978 p. 172].