Vol 3 Section 0930

868                                                                        1903

June 11 ThursdayIn Riverdale, N.Y. Sam wrote to Ward Jacobs (in Hartford), one of three major stockholders of the American Publishing Co. arguing for a contract with Collier’s and suggesting again a stockholder’s meeting, which Frank Bliss “does not dare to call” [MTP].

Sam’s notebook: “1271 B’way, dentist. 2 p.m. / [Horiz. Line separator] / Interview with Bliss & Jacobs. No result” [NB 46 TS 19].

It is surmised that after his errands in N.Y.C., Sam followed the plans set forth in his June 9 NB entry, and left for Fairhaven, Mass. going through Boston and New Bedford, the latter a neighboring town to Fairhaven, and once whaling capital of US.

Henry C. Griffin, attorney, wrote to Sam that the litigation on taxes for the Tarrytown house “seem to be practically ended.” And he had entered a “final order with the Clerk of Westchester County yesterday.” After all the fuss, Sam saved $107.42 per year, after paying Griffin $172.59 [MTP].

Franklin G. Whitmore sent Sam a final statement for the sale of furniture and personal property at the Hartford house, receipts totaling $1,686.53 together with a list of expenses from Jan. 1903 through June 11, 1903 totaling $1,635.60; including an enclosed check for $700; and retained $50.89 to Sam’s credit on account. Also, “I received a note from Miss Lyon this morning requesting me to forward to Mrs. Crane the shipping receipts for articles sent to her, which I have done” [MTP].

June 12 FridaySam was in Fairhaven, Mass. to confer with Rogers about business matters relating to Collier’s offers and arranging agreements between Collier’s, Harpers, and the American Publishing Co. Rogers had been recuperating from an appendectomy. Until this date, Livy had not been well enough to allow Sam to leave Riverdale. On June 15 Lyon wrote that Sam “came back this morning from a little visit with Mr. Rogers and being very tired has gone to his room.” On June 25 Sam wrote Rogers that he’d “had a perfectly gaudy time in Fairhaven.”

Sam’s notebook: “Well, as nearly as I can word my impression of him, he is the kind of man who would

crowd in ahead of God in a procession” [NB 46 TS 19]. Note: Sam said this of George B. Harvey at a Nov.

28, 1902 banquet.

June 13 SaturdaySam was in Fairhaven, Mass. staying with the Rogers family.

June 14 SundaySam sent a note and photograph portrait to David A. Munro. “McCracken has been playing sneak & spy in my house, & I have told him so in a letter [not extant] today” [MTP: Stan V. Henkels catalog, Apr.

9, 1931, No. 1452, Item 213]. Note: Sam stuck to his spelling of McCrackan.

Sam’s notebook: “Dinner at Dr. Parry’s to meet ‘Everyman’ / 249 E 32d—7.30” [NB 46 TS 19]. Note: Dr.

Parry was a female N.Y.C. doctor who would treat Clara Clemens; see Nov. 7, 1904.

June 15 MondayIn the morning Sam returned from Fairhaven, Mass. where he conferred with H.H. Rogers over business matters (see June 12). Note: there is a seeming conflict here—the Dr. Parry dinner Sam noted was on June 14 while Lyon reported on June 15 he had returned from Fairhaven “this morning” and was tired. Either Sam missed the June 14 dinner; or he went directly to it from Fairhaven and stayed the night in N.Y.C. and then returned the morning of June 15.

In Riverdale, N.Y. Sam wrote to Frederick A. Duneka.

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.