Vol 3 Section 0901

1903                                                                            839

Livy darling I am sending you my love & Harper’s Weekly, both by the same female. There’s war pictures—not very interesting ones, but maybe you will think different. I have heard good news from you every time, to-day—oh, it’s splendid (unbe) As for my cough, it was hardly even worth cussing, all day, but now it is quite cussable, & threatens to become more so. The room is now being aired & the stink-pot prepared I send you a kiss right away, so that it won’t carry the odor. And lots & lots of love I send, too, to my dearest darling [MTP].

April 1 WednesdaySam’s notebook: “Robert Collyer, who descended from the forge to the pulpit. Mr. Rogers puts a bust of him in Cooper Institute. / (C’s daughter objects to ‘Preacher…Blacksmith,’ wants the latter suppressed in the inscription” [NB 46 TS 13]. Note: Rev. Dr. Robert Collyer, pastor of Rogers’ NY Church of the Messiah; see prior entries.

April 2 ThursdayAn unspecified doctor and specialist conferred and concluded that Livy would recover fully. They “ordered” her to go to Italy for the next winter. Clara Clemens wrote a Florence friend to locate a villa nearby [Apr. 7 to MacAlister].

Sam’s notebook: “Harry Rogers [illegible number?] pm / 38 E. 38. / Mr. Rogers put up monument to Drake in the oil regions (1902)” [NB 46 TS 13].

inserts: Drake monument.

Notes: Edwin Laurentine Drake

(1819-1880) oil pioneer who had died in obscurity, was disinterred and re-buried in the Woodlawn Cemetery, Titusville, Penn., where H.H. Rogers built a monument to Drake. Among the panels of the monument reads this tribute to Drake’s invention of the drive pipe: “Called by circumstances to the solution of a great mining problem, He triumphantly

vindicated American skill and near this spot Laid the foundation of an industry.” Drake is given credit as the first to drill for oil in the US.

April 3 FridaySam’s notebook: “Plasmon, 11.30. / John Bergheim. English Co. has declared 5% div. / 6 Founders Shares. / When do you issue stock?” [NB 46 TS 13].

Richard Crace wrote from Guelph, Ontario Canada to Sam. “I forward the enclosed clipping for your consideration. As a philosopher and a humorist—how does the incident appeal to you!” The clipping, from an unspecified newspaper, byline Vancouver, B.C., Mar. 28, related the burning of 300 Roman Catholic Bibles by Fijian natives in the public square, after their conversion to Protestantism [MTP].

April 4 SaturdayIn Riverdale, N.Y. Sam wrote a note to Livy.

Livy darling, here is Rev. Dr. Funk furnishing some spiritualism of a most unaccountable & interesting character. This is the kind of episode that puzzles a body entirely. It isn’t telepathy & it isn’t clairvoyance; those can explain many if not most of the spiritualistic wonders, but they are out of

court this time. This is an altogether startling & marvelous case. I doubt if Mr. Rogers will sail to-morrow; the danger-signals are up, from Florida Keys to New York, & a Western storm coming from the Mississippi

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.