Vol 3 Section 0879

1903                                                                            817

one feels it more & is more a part of it, with the joy-light in his eyes, & his own heart on the skewer. Those are marvels that are wrought by those two or three final simple letters from Calcutta. I was present myself, in the body, it seemed to me.

Good morning, sweetheart, it is bright & beautiful—& I love you most deeply. / Y [MTP].


Feb. 4.—night. And now the stormy winds do blow, as the sailor-ballad says. I believe we have the noblest roaring blasts here I have ever known on land, they sing their hoarse song through the big tree-tops with a splendid energy that thrills me & stirs me & uplifts me, & makes me want to live always a body can have such grand orchestration. Miss Burbank is here & is very charming & interesting, just as always.

Good night my best beloved darling & the anniversary. I love you both. /Y [MTP]. Note: Miss Emily M.

Burbank (ca. 1869-1934), NY writer and lecturer.

Sam also replied to the Jan. 31 of William Oliver Fuller, Jr. asking, “What in the world” made him think he was offended? “Banish the idea,” Sam wrote, “I never dreamed of such a thing” [MTP].

Sam’s notebook: “Blessed is the Free Thinker, for he breaketh the mind’s chains & spreadeth light & liberty in the earth. / And blessed is the Church, which glorifieth the product & smoucheth the credit” [NB 46 TS 9-10].

Howard E. Wright for the Plasmon Company of America wrote to Sam.

Please accept my thanks for your letter of the 6th inst. enclosing check for $10,000.00, being final payment on stock subscription. I will observe your request and keep your shares until you call for them.

I have just telephoned to Kelsey at Mr. Hammond’s office, and find that the name of the young physician referred to by you is Dr. Alfred Hillier, 30 Wimpole St., London, W.

Wright suggested Sam “dynamite” Bergheim with a cable, if Sam had not heard back [MTP]. Note: at the top of the letter Sam wrote “Suggested…cablegram to be sent to the London Co. and asked Mr. Wright to keep a copy of it/ Feb. 5.”

February 5 ThursdayIn Riverdale, N.Y. Sam wrote per Isabel Lyon to Howard E. Wright,

enclosing the following cablegram: “Plasmon Co. London / Am greatly alarmed by letters charging criminal concealments upon the directors. What is the explanation[?]” Sam had heard nothing from Samuel Bergheim, the London director, and suggested leaking the cable to the press. He thanked Wright for obtaining Hillier’s name and address [MTP]. Note: Sam had begun to smell a rat in the Plasmon Co. goings on; his large investment was at risk. See Feb. 6 to Bergheim. On Mar. 2 he wrote to Fairchild saying he’d forgotten “Dr. [Alfred] Hillier’s number in Wimpole street, but the London Directory will know.”

Fatout lists a speech by Mark Twain at a dinner for Colonel George B. Harvey, N.Y.C. no particulars are given and none were found [MT Speaking 672]. Fatout likely used the next NB entry, though no speech is mentioned:

Sam’s notebook: “R. dines here 7.30. Postpone & go to Sherry’s dinner to Col. Harvey” [NB 46 TS 10].

Theodore Weld Stanton wrote to Sam.

I have some progress to report in the matter of the Rhone voyage. I am now in communication with the mayor of the village of Chanaz, where your sailor came from. But he says the sailor was named Joseph Hasson & not Pougier. It appears that not for many years has anybody gone by boat from there. Bourget to Arles, & that this sailor was the last to make the journey. The mayor says he is your man. I am now writing him & will try to get him to describe first Verey, & we will then be able to see if he is really the man … The mayor says he is in the best of health & a good reliable fellow [MTP].

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.