Vol 3 Section 0878

816                                                                        1903

The North American Review included the third installment of Mark Twain’s series, “Christian Science III” (p.173-184) written in 1897 -8 in Vienna. The installments ran monthly From Dec. 1902 through the Apr. 1903 issue. A book would result from these articles, though Harpers would delay it till 1907.

February 1 SundayIn Riverdale, N.Y. Sam wrote to Emilie R. Rogers (Mrs. H.H. Rogers).

Mrs. Clemens’s delight in those magnificent roses reached standard. I know it would when I saw them downstairs. I promised to thank you for them the first thing in the morning, & send you her love.

And I made her envious of the birth-day evening at your house, & told her how handsome each member of the family was, & yet how strikingly & conspicuously beautiful Mrs. Rogers was, in the midst of even that formidable competition; & how splendidly competent Mr. Broughton was at table with his pawnshop reminisces; in a word, what an all-round charming & satisfactory a birth-day it was, & how she might have been there herself if she had taken better care of her health when she had a chance.

Mr. Rogers promised to come here to luncheon with you on a Sunday, & Clara & I want you to make it Sunday after next if you can. {I first wrote “next,” but Clara has some idiots here that day.} By that time we mean to get the weather in good shape for you, & will have that old ambulance chartered & waiting at the station if we hear favorably from you.

I have a ten-dollar check for that John T. Lewis whom Mr. Rogers has so many doubts about. [MTHHR 517-8]. Note: “the birth-day evening” was Jan. 29 at the Rogers home.

February 2 MondayIn Riverdale, N.Y.: Sam’s notebook: “33d wedding anniversary. I was allowed to see Livy 5 minutes this morning, in honor of the day. She makes but little progress toward recovery, still there is certainly some, we are sure” [NB 46 TS 9; also MTB 1195].

Sam wrote a note to Livy on their 33rd anniversary, and inscribed a copy of Diana of the Crossways, by George Meredith (1885) to her: “This is Diana, who so greatly entertained Theodore & me, years ago. (by help of a game.) . SL. C” [MTP; eBay item 170258807669; Sept. 9, 2008]. Note: See Gribben 464 for Sam’s opinion of the book and of Meredith.

Sam also write a short note for his invalid wife:

Wedding-day Anniversary, / Feb. 2, 1903

It’s a long time ago, my darling, but the 33 years have been richly profitable to us, through love—a love which has grown, not diminished, and is worth more each year than it was the year before. An so it will be always, dearest old Sweetheart of my youth. / Good night, and sleep well [MTP].

Hélène Elisabeth Picard wrote from France to Sam. “It is certainly quite true that comedy and tragedy are being sadly mingled under your roof, but I have unluckily found it more tragical than otherwise. I am quite unhappy of my friend’s sorrow, though so glad because you add that Miss Jean is a little bit better and able to sit up in bed.” Picard expressed more sympathy for Jean, and told of books she had read [MTP].

February 3 TuesdaySam wrote check # 30 to American Plasmon Co. for $10,000 for a total of $25,000 as he had subscribed [NB 46 TS 5]. Note: canceled check survives.

J.C. Woodbury wrote from NY to Sam, enclosing a list (not extant) of Christian Science books.

Woodbury suggested days he was free, should Sam want to confer. His phone was Riverdale 1182 [MTP].

February 4 WednesdayIn Riverdale, N.Y. Sam wrote two notes to Livy.

Feb. 4. Dearheart, how wonderful are old letters in bringing a dead past back to life & filling it with movement & stir of figures clothed in ruddy flesh! It all seems more real & present than it does in a novel, &

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.