Vol 3 Section 0865

[MT Speaking 672], which

1903                                                                            803

Good night, sweetheart, good night—

The stars are shining bright,

The snow is becoming turning white,

Dim is the failing light,

Fast falls the glooming night,—

All right!

Sleep tight!

Good-night. / Y. [MTP; Gribben 577-8].

Susan L. Crane wrote to Sam:

Dear Mr. Clemens, / Lewis in his picturesque garments, called an hour ago, with the enclosed note & receipt.

When I handed him the second $1000 he exclaimed, “Oh Lord!” and after a short call he went down the hill with a shining face, the old anxious expression all gone.

When he received the first 1000 from your “friend,” [H.H. Rogers] he could not dare to believe what I said [MTP]. Note: John T. Lewis.

Fatout lists a speech by Mark Twain at the David Munro dinner, N.Y.C.

undoubtedly has its source as the day’s NB entry: Sam’s notebook: “Players. Dinner. 7.30. Munro” [NB 46 TS 4]. Note: Munro (1844-1910) born in Scotland, emigrated to the US and worked in the literary department of Harper & Brothers. After George Harvey purchased the NAR, Munro became asst. editor.

January 7 WednesdaySam’s notebook: “1 p.m. Moretti’s 151 W. 34 / Howells to Harry Harland. / 7 p.m.

Home. Wright & Kelsey” [NB 46 TS 4]. Sam also added to the nine items listed on Jan. 5: “#10. June 12/02. ‘The Am.

Pl. Co’ / $5,000. Endorsed twice ‘the A.P. Co’ / H.E. Wright, General Manager” [ibid. 4-5].

William D. McCrackan wrote to Sam, writing “Personal” at the top. “I wish to thank you for your good New Year wishes and take the opportunity of reciprocating. …I have countermanded the order for a copy of Mrs. Eddy’s “Miscellaneous Writings” and return check which you sent me” [MTP]. Note: Sam’s check #484 for $2.25 drawn on the Lincoln National Bank payable to the Christian Science Pub. Co. is in the file, uncashed.

Howard Pyle wrote from Wilmington, Delaware to Sam, thanking him for the New Year’s greeting.

I am not really and truly a literary man, you know. So, when a master workman is pleased to praise my work, I feel at once surprised and very grateful.

To the great delight of myself and my family we have been reading your papers in the North American Review touching upon Christian Science. I use the phrase “touching upon” quite advisedly. I mean it for a joke. You are cutting your slices beautifully;—I hope next month you will rub a little salt into the places that smart the most [MTP].

January 8 ThursdaySam’s notebook : “1 p.m. Lunch to Harry Harland, by Howells; at Moretti’s, 15 W. 34th” [NB 45 TS 36]. Also: “#435. Lincoln, Dec. 4 $500, ‘making $5,500 thus paid in on sub. of $25,000. / Jan. 15, 1903 Am. Pl. Co, $9,500. # 25 / Endorsed, ‘The American Plasmon Co., R.W. Ashcroft, Treasurer.’ #30. Feb. 3 to ‘Pl. Co. of Am’ $10,000 / Endorsed ‘Cr. Plas. Co. of America’ ‘Endorsement guaranteed’ (by ‘5th Ave. Trust Co’.)” [NB 46 TS 5]. Note: Sam’s check numbers, dates, and amounts paid to subscription calls by American Plasmon Co.

Augustus G. Paine wrote to Sam, who lost his closest friend in Thomas B. Reed. Paine praised Sam’s article about Reed, saying “how well you understood him. Only the other day he said to me ‘Mark Twain’s humor is delightful but that’s not all! He knows things & sees over the heads of good sized men! So he understood you too!” [MTP].

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.