Vol 3 Section 0843

1902                                                                            781

Christian Callister wrote from the Isle of Man to Sam offering an “obituary” for his contest: “Our hearts are like to bust / Because he’s gone to dust” [MTP].

December 16 TuesdayIn Riverdale, N.Y. Isabel V. Lyon wrote for Sam to Frank Bliss.

“ I write at Mr. Clemens’s suggestion to ask if you will send me a list of his writings published by the American Publishing Co. Many letters come asking information about his books and the prices, and it will simplify matters greatly if you can send me such a list for reference” [MTP].

Marquis de Eguilles wrote from France to Sam—a short fan letter of appreciation [MTP].

Harper & Brothers wrote to Sam, enclosing duplicate copies of the agreements for the Hadleyburg story and for “A Double-Barrelled Detective Story,” which they’d forgotten to send [MTP].

William Denison McCrackan wrote from NYC to Sam. “Your little note of December 15th, thanking me for my North American Review articles, has made me very happy.” After giving a few anecdotal evidences of the cures by Christian Science, he added that “To know Mrs. Eddy personally…is a great privilege and honor” [MTP]. Sam wrote on the env. “Very nice letter”.

Louise Morgan Sill for Harper & Brothers wrote to Sam. “Thank you very much indeed for the Baltimore man’s thoughtful suggestion. It is printed to-day in ‘Literary Gossip’, and copies will go to you.” Sill enclosed proofs and added she was (not on Bazar) [MTP]. Note: the “suggestion” is not specified, but implies a recent letter from Clemens offering one.

Jean Clemens wrote to Grace Sewell in York Harbor, Maine:

This is rather early to be sending Xmas & New Year’s greetings, but I am not going to be here after next week & have consequently many things to see to before leaving. Mother is a good deal better; she has been sleeping much more regularly for the past ten days. I haven’t seen her yet but on my return I hope to be able to.

We have been having some beautiful deep (for about here) snow, for some time, but today a warm rain falling by the bucket is melting all the past beauty & joy of coasting & “skeeing.” The birds are greedily eating the seeds, bread, oatmeal & bits of meat from my porch so your favorite Squanto must not come to pay me a visit. The very best of Christmas and New Year’s wishes to you and all your family [Heritage Auction Archives Oct. 15, 2009, Lot 35132; “Be Sure and Save the Gentians,” by Peter Salwen, 2005]. Note: after Jean caught pneumonia this month she would be sent to Old Point Comfort, Va. to recover. It was also a ploy to keep her illness from Livy. In those days any change of climate air was considered cureative, even if taxing travel had to be made.

December 17 WednesdayIn Riverdale, N.Y. Sam wrote to Frederick C. Harriott, and gave the letter to William Dean Howells, who somewhat softened the language, then sent it on to Harriott the same day.

Mr. Howells & I learn from Stoddard that you have not sent him the lacking $150, nor named a date when you will send it. We strongly urge you to decide upon a date—say December 24th—& send him word. Then he will inform us. If you fail to do this, measures of a sort which cannot advantage you will be taken

[MTP]. Note: this is Sam’s original. For Howells’ see MTHL 2: 755n1.

Sam also wrote to William Denison McCrackan.

Have you begun your chapters? I hope not; for without access to all of mine you might be hampered, & work at a disadvantage. I have copies (in print) now, of all of my truck except the chapters which are under

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.