Vol 3 Section 0825

1902                                                                            763

November 21 Friday Sam’s notebook: “Jean fainted to-day—the first time in 16 weeks & 1 day” [NB 45 TS 34].

M.C.B. Hart wrote from NY to ask Sam for his autograph on a clipping or a book of articles [MTP].

David A. Munro wrote to Sam, deeply regretting that a “blunder” had been made on word count (evidently pointed out by Sam); and enclosed an additional $105 check [MTP]. Note: see Nov. 19 from Munro.

November 22 SaturdayIn Riverdale, N.Y. Sam wrote to Edward W. Bok, editor of the Ladies’ Home Journal. It is a long look ahead but it is good wisdom any way. I haven’t broken with the Harpers yet, and I see no prospect of it, but if it should happen I should be quite willing to talk Christmas Story with you” [MTP].

Sam also wrote to Chatto & Windus, asking them to “Please write this lady” and inform her he had “no authority” in the matter of translations of his work; that he’d placed that in Chatto & Windus’ hands some 25 years before. The lady is not named, nor the work in question. Sam gave hope of Livy’s recovery, and confessed it had been two months since he’d seen her. “No one is allowed in the sick room except Clara and the physician and the trained nurse” [MTP].

Sam also wrote an aphorism to an unidentified person.

“We grant God the possession of all the qualities of mind except the one that keeps the others healthy; that watches over their dignity; that focuses their vision true—Humor” [MTP: Kenneth W. Rendell catalog, No. 270].

November 23 Sunday M.J. June wrote from Detroit, Mich. to Sam, heading it “Obituary.” This was for the “obituary contest,” which Mark Twain solicited in the Nov. 15 issue of Harper’s Weekly [MTP].

November 24 MondayIn Riverdale, N.Y. Sam wrote two notes to Franklin G. Whitmore, the first per Isabel Lyon.

Mr. Clemens asks me to write you to “poke up” Dr. Porter with regard to the property question.

Mrs. Clemens is improving a little daily, and last night was restful and quiet for her. Her “bad nights” do not help her any, but now that the family know they are to be expected, they cease to be so alarming as when they first occurred. Mr. Clemens has not seen her for two months, and the Doctor says it will mean a long slow uphill pull for her.

Mr. Clemens sends love to you and Mrs. Whitmore.

I must tell you how much I like, no—love the duties here, now that Mr. Clemens uses me how and when he will.

Am very happy / Very Sincerely Yours / Isabel Lyon [MTP].

In N.Y.C. William Dean Howells wrote a short note to Sam.

“Poor old Charley Stoddard has written me again; and haven’t you got that letter in shape to send to Harriott? I will gladly sign it at once, and I do not think we need wait for other names” [MTHL 2: 752]. Note: see also

Nov. 16, 19, 20, 26, 1902, and Feb. 28, 1903 from Howells on the Herriott matter.

The New York Times ran a small notice on p.5, “Want Street Named After Mark Twain”

Residents of the Bronx have petitioned the Commission having in charge the opening of streets in that borough to name one of the new thoroughfares in honor of Samuel L. Clemens.

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.