Vol 3 Section 0820

758                                                                        1902

Stoddard [MTP]. Note: at the top of a copy of the letter, Sam wrote: “I am not attesting to its genuineness, Charley’s spelling will take care of that. / Mark”

Jean Clemens wrote to Grace Sewell in York Harbor, Maine:

For the past twelve days there had been absolutely no improvement in Mother’s condition. Indeed two of her heart attacks were quite as bad or worse than the ones she had at York. Dr. Dana the nerve specialist is partly to blame. He ordered some heart stimulants which had an extremely bad effect. We are tired of experimenting doctors & shall call in NO more consultants. Dr. Moffat seems good and says Mother’s condition isn’t really dangerous even tho’ she is so weak that she cannot have alcohol baths. Clara is on the verge of a serious illness, I am afraid, caused by nervousness and anxiety. I hope she will be able to withstand the strain she is constantly under, but it seems doubtful. Of course being in such a condition physically makes her mental condition very bad & in her anxiety she is constantly building mountains out of mole-hills where Mother’s illness is concerned [Heritage Auction Archives Oct. 15, 2009, Lot 35132; “Be Sure and Save the Gentians,” by Peter Salwen, 2005].

In Hartford, Lee Arthur’s dramatization of HF had its first performance at Parson’s Theatre in Hartford. The New York Times reported on Nov. 12, p.9, “Huckleberry Finn,” that the play “scored a success,” and “It incorporated spectacular and musical elements calling for gorgeous scenery and a company of 80 people.” See also the Hartford Courant, Nov. 12, p.8.

November 12 WednesdayIn Riverdale, N.Y. Sam wrote per Isabel V. Lyon to Franklin G.


Mr. Clemens wishes me to say that yesterday Mrs. Clemens was better and otherwise, but mainly otherwise.

Mr. Clemens also says that if the encumbrance on the property could be reduced as you suggest it would be a great relief.

Further that he is ready to put up the property for sale at auction, just as soon as Mrs. Clemens is well enough to say “Yes” to any business proposition.

In the condition of the stock market today—a condition that Mr. Clemens has been expecting and planning for, he would rather have thirty thousand dollars than the house.

Enclosed please find Mr. Clemens check for one hundred and thirty dollars (13000). Since beginning this, the Doctor has been here and finds Mrs. Clemens better. He tells me it will be a long pull but there is no reason to believe that Mrs. Clemens will not be perfectly well again. / Yours very Sincerely, / Isabel V Lyon


Sam’s notebook: “Bought 50 St. Paul Com. 177 1/8 $8,862.50” [NB 45 TS 33].

November 13 ThursdaySam had promised Edward W. Ordway he would be at the Anti-Imperialist League meeting at 4p.m. [Nov. 2 to Ordway].

In Riverdale, N.Y. Sam wrote to William Dean Howells.

I am glad you sent me the short story from Texas. I wonder if you have much of this luck. That little story is a meal for a male; a male who has been living on Huyler’s Candy for a week, and wants something with bones and blood and gristle in it.

They are all there. This man knows his ground and his people, as well as I know the boxes of a printer’s case and he picks up no a when he is after an r. And I believe that he is as accurate with the inside of his people as he is with their exteriors.

I am always grateful to the artist who forces me to stop and examine his details with a glass as I go along. This one puts that coercion upon me in this story, and I was reminded of the girl behind the counter, and the

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.