Vol 3 Section 0785

1902                                                                            727

members were Bummer & Lazarus & Emperor Norton. In the name of the Sub-Pioneers I beg to drink with you. Bummer & Lazarus will be remembered as two dogs who, in days agone, occupied quarters underneath the old Bulletin headquarters, while emperor Norton was an eccentric character about town [MTP:San Francisco Call 10 Sept. 1902]. Note: Joshua A. Norton (Emperor Norton); Bummer and Lazarus were dogs: see Vol. I entries for all.

September 2 Tuesday Sam’s notebook:


In London in ’90. Col. & McIlv.

         20 % roy. from beginning.

         5-year contracts

         Dramatic clause annulled.

Xn Science        |

Huck Finn        | weekly

Which Was It?  |


Gals in Review & over for a spring book.


I was considering higher terms from McClure [NB 45 TS 25].

Harper & Brothers wrote to Sam: “Your letter of the 30th ult. [Aug. 30] is at hand, and in compliance with your request we send you (by Express) the sheets of the volume referred to from page 66.” Sam wrote on the env. “Can’t understand it” [MTP].

Joe Twichell wrote to Sam from Elk Lake, Blue Ridge, New York:

The letter of that estimable and amiable lady which you passed on to me has caught up with me here in the woods where I am five miles from a P.O. and get mail only once a week. It is amusing indeed. Her intention is good. She says she has many years been meaning to write it—in the lapse of which she seems to have forgotten some things. Apparently, she thinks that the [illegible word] letter was your composition. … ….I recoil from the idea of making merchandise of my happy memories, and of exposing the peculiar

treasures of my heart to the public curiosity. Really, I feel a delicacy about it. Besides; I have already sometime since been urgently desired by Mr. Gilder to write an article for “The Century” in “M.T. a Humorist.” I have written one for him on Charley Warner—very very unsatisfactory. [ Joe asked when they would see him again, and reminded him to remember to return Mr. Bok’s letter; MTP]. Note: no letter from Sam to Twichell since February of this year is extant; the lady, whose letter Sam passed to Joe, is therefore not known.

September 3 WednesdayIn York Harbor, Maine: Sam’s notebook: “Always Mr. Rogers keeps his yacht (Kanawha) in commission & ready to fly here & take us to Riverdale on telegraphic notice” [NB 45 TS 25].

Sam wrote to H.H. Rogers.

Mrs. Clemens began to sit up yesterday once more, & did it twenty minutes. Therefore she was feeling better. Feeling better, she began to plan, of course. It was plain enough that she was not likely to be strong enough to travel in any way for as much as ten days yet, even if her recovery gets no check. Then of course she was at once troubled about the yacht & in dread lest you might be delaying a cruise on her account. So she urged me to write & beg you not to think of such a thing, but to make your cruise & if you didn’t get back by the time she was strong you must not curtail your holiday by a day but let her take to the rail.

I promised to write the letter last night but I got no chance, so I am writing it now and sponging off my conscience. She is perfectly right about it—head & heart both—& so even I join with her & endorse. But if you should get back in time, I’ll be on the look out & will set up a hail.

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.