Vol 3 Section 0764

706                                                                        1902

July 9 WednesdayIn York Harbor, Maine, Sam’s notebook again contains ideas for the 50 years after

story: “Debating Society. Guts & all (Sid). Sally Robards—pretty [sic]. Describe her now in her youth & again in 50 ys After when she reveals herself. / Cadets & Doughnuts. / The little cigarman—dead in his chair” [NB 45 TS 21].

July 10 ThursdayIn York Harbor, Maine, Sam’s notebook again lists old Hannibal acquaintances for the

50 years after story: “John Briggs, Will, Sam, Bart, John Bowen | Ed Stevens, Bill Coffman | George, Clay, John Robards Jane & Sally Robards. Ray Moss & Neil, Mary. | Artemissa Briggs Mary Miller, Laura Hawkins | Becky Pavey & Pole / ‘Pig-tail done’ tavern | Bladder-time. Weeds. / Offal given away at porkhouse” [NB 45 TS 21].

July 11 FridayIn York Harbor, Maine Sam wrote to H.H. Rogers.

July (?) Friday (?) 11th (?) ’02

Dear Mr. Rogers:

I know what year it is, but am not certain about the rest. Do come! Choose any date you please, & see if you can annoy me. It can’t be done.You will be the welcomest man in the universe. And we’ll feed you the best we can, too, though not up to Kanawha standard. Come the earliest you can, & the oftenest. We hope you will come now, on your way back from Fairhaven. Our cigar-box (house) is equidistant from York Harbor & from Kittery Point—or thereabouts: 15 minutes by trolley from York Harbor & a little more from Kittery Point. The latter is a snug harbor, shut in, & plenty of water, but York Harbor is exposed & shallow.

        [Sam writes of a reaction to letters by “Baker,” which he thought were only matched by Capt. Ned Wakeman’s]

Why, I thought Rice sailed long ago. I hope there is nothing serious. It is a pity & loss that he can’t stand the sea; even when sea-sick he is an excellent addition to a yacht-crowd. He’ll have to be controlled & reorganized, for he can’t properly be spared.

Thanks to goodness I haven’t missed a day yet. I believe I can finish this book by the middle of August; a good summer’s work, & satisfactory thus far; but I already had a fight of it (22,000 words) written when I came here.

We’ll be looking for you right along, now. / Yrs / SLC

[cross-written in left margin on page 2:] Cuss those Fairchild bonds & stuff! Keeps me awake nights [MTHHR 490-2].

Note: William H. Baker had been writing letters to Rogers and did so until a New Bedford newspaper published one [MTHHR 497n2]. Sam was writing “Was it Heaven? Or Hell?” which would run in Harper’s Dec. 1902. The source gives Sept. 11 as the completion date. The last statement refers to $16,000 Sam had invested in American Mechanical Cashier Co. on the advice of Charles Fairchild. See n2 for more details.

Sam’s notebook again contains ideas for the 50 years after story : “Barty Nobles, bright, promising, but unstable; the most promising in town—owns the paper puts down the price—is a relative by marriage of Tom’s. Visits girl at 3 a.m., papa says ‘Don’t go—breakfast’” [Line separator:] WINTER. / Sled, skate, adrift on the breakup. / Tom Nash broke in [NB 45 TS 21].

July 12 SaturdaySam’s notebook contains more ideas/memories for the 50 years after story: “Boy hatched bird’s eggs in his mouth. Put it on Tom. Clock-machine to blow up something. / Nicodemus. / doughface, but scare no one mad. / Ghost on the stairs—mine. Walking in sleep—in sheet. / Shroud was used, then” [NB 45 TS 21].

July 13 SundayIn York Harbor, Maine Sam wrote to Charles Bancroft Dillingham, who represented theatrical managers Klaw and Erlanger. On July 27 Sam would approve Lee Arthur’s play of HF, a musical comedy [NB 45 TS 22].

A thousand thanks for remembering!

I’m going to send your cane the minute Mrs. Clemens (who is not very well this last day or two) prepares it & labels it for the express.

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.