Vol 3 Section 0754

696                                                                        1902

Mrs. Clemens and I beg that when any of you come East you will be good to us and let us know, and will come under our roof and let us minister unto you in the ways of good-fellowship.

Colonel Lamb has sent me the Phi Beta Key, and it is a beauty to look at. Mr. Stephens will see by the enclosed that that Russian Prohibition was not a matter of consequence.

I shall be glad to be remembered kindly to President and Mrs. Jesse, and to the other valued friends I made in Columbia—tried to make anyway—and with best wishes for the happiness and prosperity of all the Stephens family… [MTP].

Sam also wrote to Eugene Field II.

Indeed the tablet should be moved to the right house if the right house is still standing: if not, I hope you will adopt the present house as the birthplace; for the sentiment is the main thing, after all, & it is better that that nose grow in an alien garden than that it grow not at all—as any will say who loved Eugene Field [MTP: Christies auction 11 Dec. 2001, Lot 26 Sale 8619]. Note: seller’s TS. Sam had helped to dedicate a plaque placed at the supposed birthplace of Eugene Field, beloved author of children’s stories; later it was discovered that Field was born at another house; the source gives 634 Broadway, St. Louis, Mo.

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Guaranty Trust Co of NY

Hélène Elisabeth Picard wrote to Sam, enclosing her photo; his photo was in front of her as she wrote and thanked him for it. The little boy in her photo was her nephew. She was reading HF. Also, she’d seen from New York papers which came about the ceremony of Rochambeau’s statue in Washington. She had read in her own papers of his opinion on the recent war of South Africa (Boer) and estimated he thought as nine-tenths of France did on the subject, but didn’t he think England, though the winner, “and had had terrible loss” “had been rather generous in the conditions they agreed upon?” She wanted to know what he thought of the treaty. She also realized if she had gone to school sooner by two years in Heidelberg she might have seen him there [MTP].

George W. Reeves for Hoyt & Co. wrote twice to Sam, the first enclosing the title policy on the Tarrytown house, the second to report he had hired Henry C. Griffin, 130 Main St., Tarrytown, for Sam’s case to get the taxes lowered on the property there; the fee of $25 in case he should not succeed


June 13 FridayIn Riverdale, N.Y. Sam wrote to Dr. James Ross Clemens in St. Louis, asking specifics on gout treatment for Livy:

Can Mrs. Clemens take her usual 5 p.m. tea (to whom she is a slave) on condition that she drink a glass of hot water an hour before or after it?

She eats cream wheat for breakfast. Can she continue that?

She never eats bacon.

Can she eat fruits in their season?

We leave here June 23d for our summer home which is York Harbor, Maine.

No, sir! don’t you send any checks here—they’ll go back [MTP].

Sam also sent an inscribed photo of himself to Laura H. Frazer: “To Mrs. Laura Hawkins Frazer; this

remembrance of a friendship now it its second century and good for another” [MTP: Hannibal Evening Courier Post

Mar.6, 1935].

Sam also wrote to Joe Goodman replying to his May 24 and after receiving Joe’s The Archaic Maya Inscriptions.

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.