Vol 3 Section 0742

[MT Speaking 670]. Note: Sorrentino offers it as a

684                                                                        1902

June 1 ca.In Hannibal, Mo. Sam wrote to an unidentified person. “I can’t come, too old to travel and eat. The whole thing is wrong anyway. When I was eighteen years old and lived in Hannibal and could swipe up everything on the table, you didn’t invite me to your banquets” [MTP].

June 2 MondayIn Hannibal, Mo. Sam had breakfast at the home of Colonel and Mrs. Hatch

[Sorrentino 21].

Sam’s notebook: “Miss Lakenan, 10 a.m. will call with a carriage. / Mr. Crookshank’s house—reading. / Wister will call at 5.30 / Supper before at George Clayton’s / The girl was lost in the cave—they only find bones, —sweetheart of Bates” [NB 45 TS 15]. Note: the last a story idea.

As in the above NB entry, Fatout lists Sam’s giving remarks at Mr. Crookshank’s (Cruickshank) home in Hannibal for some 300-400 people [MT Speaking 670; Sorrentino 21].

As in the above entry, Sorrentino has Sam attending a “Missouri supper” at the home of George D. Clayton [21].

Sam wrote to Miss Anna M. Schnizlein: “The pictures you made are just delightful! & I thank you ever so much for them. I thought the other artist made a large mistake when he drove the people away from the line of fire—in fact I knew it was a mistake” [MTP].

Hastings MacAdam’s article in the St. Louis Republic, “Mark Twain Visits His Old Sweetheart,” ran on p. 1, Section III. Budd: “Long and rambling as reporter follows SLC around; SLC recalls his visit to a ‘lunatic asylum’ in Ireland and the ‘mausoleum’ in the Hannibal cave” [Budd, “Supplement” ALR 16.1 (Spring 1983) 70]. Budd’s no. 179a.

Robertus Love’s article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “Mark Twain Takes a Drive with His Schoolmate’s Pretty Daughter” [MTCI 448-51].

The Atchison Kansas Globe, Edward W. Howe, commented that Mark Twain, “scraping the moss of his memory,” would find turning backward brings “only a great shaking up of stiff limbs and illusions” [Tenney 37].

Henry W. Fisher (Fischer), journalist, wrote from N.Y. to Sam.

Enclosed please find the original of the item sent out by this News Service about you being put on the Russian index. You see you are in good company Weber, Hauff, Victor Hugo, Lombrose, etc.

This may also put you on to some pirates who steal your works on the continent. The censor who doesn’t like you, lives in Baku, Caucasus, poor devil.

If I see any more about it, I will send it up [MTP].

June 3 TuesdaySam’s notebook: “Guest of E.W. Stephens. / Publish ‘Herald’ / Walter Williams, Editor ./

Columbia, Mo. / James Thayer Girauld, Secy P.B.K. will elect me honorary member” [NB 45 TS 16]. Note: P.B.K. =

Phi Beta Kappa. Paine gives E.W. Stevens [MTB 1172]..

Livy’s diary: “The Misses Dodge here for tea” [MTP: DV161].

Sam wrote sympathies to his old childhood friend John L. RoBards. “My dear old playmate & friend, the tidings you send me are inexpressibly distressing, & my heart goes out to you in your sorrow. Good-bye—I grieve with you” [MTP].

Fatout lists a talk by Sam at St. Joseph’s Academy, Hannibal morning talk to children [21].

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.