Vol 3 Section 0730

672                                                                        1902

George W. Reeves wrote to Sam that the Tarrytown house title had passed today and bills for the title search would be forwarded. “You are now in a position to take possession at any time” [MTP]. Note: the Clemens family never occupied the house, which Sam sold in Dec. 1904 after Livy’s death.

Carmen Sylva (Queen Elizabeth of Romania) wrote to Sam from Bucharest, Hungary in behalf of

       a poor lady, who is stranded in Bucharest… Mrs. Hartwig left American at the age of fourteen in order to learn to sing which she has done thoroughly. Her husband had quite a brilliant situation here till he refused to partake dans une affaire onereuse, [in a case, costly] so it seems. They haven’t a penny and each of them must try to find a living [MTP]. Note: Elizabeth had been a neighbor in1898 in Kaltenleutgeben. This, a begging letter from a Queen! (Italics added.)

May 10 Saturday – Sam wrote to Nathaniel Pasternak, his letter not extant but referred to in Pasternak’s reply of May 13.

Sam’s notebook entry lists ideas for the “50 years after” tale, never finished [NB 45 TS 12].

George W. Reeves for Hoyt & Co. wrote to Sam, enclosing a bill from the Title Co. for $289.50 for the clearing of title from Flora McDonald Casey to Olivia L. Clemens on the Tarrytown house [MTP].


May 11 SundaySam’s notebook entry lists ideas for the “50 years after” tale, where Huck and Tom met up with the old gang back in Hannibal 50 years after their boyhood escapades; never finished [NB 45 TS 12].

Livy’s diary: “Mr Rodman Gilder here for luncheon & tea / Mary Forth called” [MTP: DV161].

May 12 Monday George H. Daniels, General Passenger Agent for New York Central & Hudson River

         Co. wrote to Sam. “Referring to conversation with my Secretary, Mr. Laing, this morning. I find that there are no state-rooms in the sleeping cars on train No. 33, leaving New York at 9:20 PM. So I have reserved for you a drawing room, the cost of which, from New York to St. Louis, will be $22.00.” The total fare was $46.25; Daniels asked for a check and he’d send the tickets [MTP].

May 13 TuesdayIn Riverdale, N.Y. Sam wrote on Blanche E. Weekes’ May 7 and sent it to

Elisabeth Marbury. “Above letter is referred to Miss Marbury by / SL. Clemens / who is weary of corresponding with alleged dramatists. / May 13/02. / I do not remember having heard of Miss Weekes before” [MTP].

Sam also wrote to Mr. Wolfe (not further identified): “After endorsing your check over to the Harpers I found I did not need to buy a book—I found one on hand, & am forwarding it” [MTP].

Livy’s diary: “Mrs Wm E. Dodge; Mr & Mrs James Goodwin dined with us. Mr Dodge ill” [MTP: DV161].

Nathaniel Pasternak wrote from N.Y.C. that he’d come up to Riverdale on the strength of Sam’s “postal of May 10” but without a special appointment. “I enjoyed an afternoon sunset on your “lordly Hudson”, missed seeing you—which but makes the anticipation of a delayed pleasure the keener” [MTP].

May 14 Wednesday Livy’s diary: “Mrs Ruth McEmory [sic McEnery] Stuart & Mrs Gen. Custer gave us a

reception in New York” [MTP: DV161]. Note: a check of NY papers for this event came up empty.

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.