Vol 3 Section 0727

1902                                                                            669

May 1 Thursday – Fatout lists a reading by Sam of unspecified works at Mrs. Bartholomew’s in

N.Y.C. [MT Speaking 670]. Note: Fatout likely saw this NB entry, but discounted the last sentence:

Sam’s notebook: “Mrs. Bartholomew. Evening—in a studio or private house—no advertising. / Put off to Nov. 1” [NB 45 TS 11]. Note: Sam’s last sentence reveals the reading did not take place on May 1. Further, Sam’s NB entry for Dec. 20 gives particulars of the reading for Mrs. Bartholmew. See entry.

Elisabeth Marbury sent another PW play statement and a royalty of $9.31 to Sam [MTP].

Literary World, p. 76, ran a review of “A Double Barrelled Detective Story.” Tenney: “As nondescript as most of Mark Twain’s writings are….The story begins with an inconceivable outrage, and leads through many disagreeables, its

best part being the naturalness of the talk in the miners’ camp….it is rather pathetic to see great gifts exercised to no better

purpose” [Tenney: “A Reference Guide Third Annual Supplement,” American Literary Realism, Autumn 1979 p. 187].

May 2 FridayIn Riverdale, N.Y. Sam wrote to Poultney Bigelow, who evidently had asked what road to take to get to Riverdale. Sam replied: “Land!—I don’t know any road except the railroad, & it doesn’t turn off at all. I think you stick to Broadway all the way, but I do not know” [MTP]. Note: Bigelow was likely coming to Sam’s dinner party this evening, and was a fan of the bicycle. “Dinner party at home” [NB 45 TS 11].

Livy’s diary: “Mr & Mrs Chapin for dinner & to spend the night” [MTP: DV161]. Note: Adele and Robert Chapin.

Joseph C. Bridges wrote to Sam from York Harbor, Maine about the Furness cottage in the “Pines,” which Sam had seen and was “favorably impressed with.” The estate was being settled; it would be a week to ten days yet, but the attorney saw no reason the house could not be put in good condition for a summer rental at the same fee as last year, $600 [MTP].

The St. Louis Star, p. 1 & 7, ran “Mark Twain Laughs in Grain Pits,” a longish article with an interview about Sam’s arrival in Missouri [MTCI 412-17].

May 3 SaturdayIn Riverdale, N.Y. Sam wrote to Lewis P. Ward, “(Known in the last century as ‘Little Ward’)” at The Olympic Club, S.F. Only the envelope survives [MTP]. Note: Ward died in 1903.

Sam’s notebook contains Sam’s reminiscence of another dinner party:

Dined at Sir Henry M. Stanley in (’99?) after the South African war broke out. At end of table, Lady Stanley’s sister at my left, (The Castle School) Lord Kirchener next to her, Chamberlain next to me.

Mrs. Tennants story of the American & Sir John Millais—the portrait.

Boy & drum & prayer. “Where in the hell did that come from!”

Horace Stowe: “Will you please for Christ’s sake pass the butter?” [NB 45 TS 11].

Livy’s diary: “Mr & Mrs Chapin went at eleven. Mrs Slee & Mr Corey & Alice Corey came & took luncheon

      staid until half past four. Mr & Mrs Henry Hall came about half past four & staid until half past six” [MTP: DV161]. Note: Emma Virginia Underhill Slee (Mrs. John D. Slee).

May 4 SundayLivy’s diary: “Mr & Mrs Wm E. Dodge came for tea” [MTP: DV161].

May 5 Monday – H.H. Rogers wrote to Sam that he had sent James F. Strang a reply as Sam requested (see Mar. 31 from Strang), and would “tackle the other to-morrow” [MTHHR 486]. Rogers’ letter (which seems very Twain-like):

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.