Vol 3 Section 0726

668                                                                        1902

April 26 SaturdayIn Riverdale, N.Y. Sam wrote to Katharine I. Harrison asking her to put $5,000 to his credit in the Guaranty Trust Co. on Monday as he wanted to draw it out on Tuesday, Apr. 29


Sam’s notebook: “Go to Howells at 12.30 & go with him to lunch. But first to Hoyt [Realtor] & next to Plasmon / Ask Daniels about trip to Columbia, Mo., June 1. / Carry checks (blank) to Hoyt” [NB 45 TS 11]. Note: the checks for Hoyt were likely to allow for advertising the Hartford house.

Livy’s diary: “Julie & Mr Loomis came to spend Sunday” [MTP: DV161]. Note: Julia Langdon and Edward Eugene Loomis.

Sam went into N.Y.C. and met William Dean Howells at 1 p.m. for luncheon with “a lot of good fellows” as per his invitation and acceptance on Apr. 18 and 21 respectively. Howells lived at 48 W. 59th Street.

Richard H. Jesse wrote for the University of Missouri to Sam,

       delighted to hear that you will be with us at our Commencement on June 4th. The cap and gown which you wore at Yale will do handsomely for this occasion….We know that you do not need another degree, but as the University of your native state we are eager to show our appreciation of your genius [MTP]. Note: Sam wrote on the bottom “I thought was June 9.”

         Olcott wrote for the Hudson River Day Line to Sam, “very much gratified by your cordial letter of the twenty-third….” Olcott invited Sam to a dinner on board the steamer Albany on May 26 or 27; he would inform of the exact date later. After the typed letter and signature Olcott wrote: “We all admire Miss Eleanor Sayles of Elmira whom we understand is engaged to Miss Clements’ [sic] nephew” [MTP]. Note: Sam wrote on the env. “Ans May 16.” Eleanor Sayles (1878-1971) would marry Jervis Langdon II on Oct. 2, 1902. They would produce two children.

April 27 SundayLivy’s diary: “Julie & Mr Loomis here Mrs Virginia Fraser Boyle for luncheon, for tea Miss

Dike & Mr Brisbin Walker” [MTP: DV161].

April 28 Monday H.H. Rogers wrote to Sam.

“I want you to read the enclosed story, because it has been in my mind all these years as one of the great mysteries. The finding of the vessel as described is true. The Captain and his wife were from Marion, near Fairhaven” [MTHHR 485]. Note: n1: “Rogers enclosed a clipping from the London Illustrated News which recounted ‘A Riddle of the Sea’—the strange voyage of the brig Marie Celeste which in the 1860’s sailed from Boston for Mediterranean ports, but arrived in Spain without any of its passengers or crew. Clemens wrote on the envelope: ‘Wonderful sea-tale.’”

April 29 Tuesday Sam’s notebook: “Pay the $42,500. Take $25,000 from Guarantee Trust & $17,500 from Lincoln National Bank” [NB 45 TS 11]. Note: $42,500 was the balance owed on the Tarrytown house, after a $2,500 down payment.

Thomas B. Reed wrote a short note to Sam: “My duty to the Community is very clear. / I will rescue you if possible. / It is so seldom that a man gets a chance to be a patriot and a friend in ‘one time and one motion’!” [MTP].

April 30 Wednesday

MaySam’s article, “A Defence of General Funston,” ran in the May 1902 issue of the North American Review.

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.