Vol 3 Section 0725

1902                                                                            667

or to Gabrilowitsch, no reports to old friends like Howells or Twichell on ‘singing lessons,’ no indications whatever that there was a Clemens daughter named Clara. The only exception is Mrs. Clemens’ report to Mrs. Whitmore that Clara and Mrs. Ashforth were in Europe studying languages: ‘We shall all be very thankful,’ Olivia said, ‘when it is over and she says she will never do it again’” [44-5]. (Editorial emphasis.)

April 23 WednesdaySam wrote to E.E. Olcott of the Hudson River Day Line, accepting dinner on board the new steamer Albany, date sometime in late May to be arranged. Sam’s is not extant but referred to in Olcott’s Apr. 26 acceptance.

The New York Times, p.8, “F.A. Munsey’s Purchase,” reported the sale of the Riverdale estate the Clemenses were renting by Frank Andrew Munsey (1854-1925) for a price of $125,000, the same option that Sam had rejected. Munsey was a newspaper and magazine publisher and author. The current lease expired in Oct.

Sam’s notebook: “Appointed a Governor in a scheme to celebrate discovery of the Hudson. Have warned them that I shall not be useful & they must not expect it. / Howells & Stokes / 47 Cedar st” [NB 45 TS 10-11].

Livy’s diary: “Ida & Julie met us at the train & we took them up to see the new house at Tarry Town. They

came back & took luncheon with us. Mr & Mrs Tatlock here for tea” [MTP: DV161].

April 24 ThursdaySam traveled to Philadelphia, to attend the funeral for Frank R. Stockton the following day. Sam’s notebook gives evidence: “Stockton’s funeral. Phila. Gilder goes at 10 a.m., the others at 11. I the latter” [NB 45 TS 11].

Sam served as a pallbearer for the funeral of Frank R. Stockton at the St. Phillip’s Episcopal Church in Philadelpha. Stockton died on Apr. 20 (see entry). Other pallbearers were: Bushrod C. Washington of Charleston, West Va., Edmund Clarence Stedman, the poet; James Meade Dodge; Charles Collins of New York, J. Herbert Morse, A.B. Frost, Richard Watson Gilder, Cyrus Elder of Johnstown, Penn., of the Cambria Iron Works; Major John M. Carson of Washington; Prof. Louis J. Bevier of Rutgers College; and Judges William N. Ashman and James T. Mitchell of Phila. [NY Times, Apr. 25, p.3, “Frank R. Stockton’s Funeral”].

Sam likely returned to Riverdale soon after the services, as he was back home the following day.

In Riverdale, Livy wrote to Virginia F. Boyle, asking forgiveness for not getting back to her. “Could you come out on Sunday next & take luncheon with us?…Unless you have something hurrying you back to town we should like you to stay until the 4.26 [train]. If we work hard we can do a lot of talking in that time” [MTP].

April 25 FridayIn Riverdale, N.Y. Sam wrote a postcard to The American Plasmon Co. giving them the times he was due to be in three places in N.Y.C. on the following day: Hoyt & Co., 15 W. 42nd at 10:45 a.m.; the Plasmon Co. at 11:15 a.m., and William Dean Howells’ at noon [MTP]. Note: The William H. Hoyt Co. at that address had advertised “Mark Twain’s Home for Sale” on Apr. 19 in the Hartford Courant [Meltzer 243].

Sam and Livy autographed a note to an unidentified person, on this day and May 16, 1902: “Let us save

the to-morrows for work. Truly yours, Mark Twain” [MTP].

Sam’s notebook: “The man to see in York Harbor about cottages is Joseph C. Bridges, Hotel Albracca” [NB 45 TS 11].

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.