Vol 3 Section 0722

664                                                                        1902

Sam’s notebook: “In New York in 1895 (when I was 60) Cheiro the palmist told me that I should become very wealthy in my 68th year. (I was a bankrupt & heavily in debt at the time, & I properly thanked him. He said it again in London two years afterward, & I properly thanked him again. Shall I be able to complete my thanks next year? If not, can I sue him for breach of promise? / His other prophecy of ‘95” [NB 45 TS 10].

Livy’s diary: “Mr & Mrs Kingsley, Mr & Mrs Tatlock, Miss Martin, Mr Bradley, Mr Rodman Gilder, Mr

Foley (?) dined with us” [MTP: DV161].

April 18 FridayIn N.Y.C. William Dean Howells wrote to Sam.

“Come here at one o’clock Saturday the 26th, and go with me to lunch with a lot of good fellows, who want you more than they know. I would not ask you if I did not believe you would have a good talk and a good time” [MTHL 2: 741]. Note: Sam agreed on Apr. 21.

Livy’s diary: “Mr Norman Hapgood here for luncheon. Mrs Hutchins Hapgood here for tea” [MTP:


Katharine I. Harrison wrote to Sam that she had rec’d “32 (Five hundred dollar) bonds of the American Mechanical Cashier Company and 400 shares of their stock” [MTP].

April 19 SaturdayIn Riverdale, N.Y. Sam replied to Chatto & Windus’ Apr. 10

“The above is all right & satisfactory. Sell to Tauchnitz, if he wants it—& Robert Lutz. Harpers ought to have given you earlier notice.

In a hurry to catch a train, …” [MTP].

Insert: Hartford Courant for Apr. 19, 1902 (note: no price given)

Sam traveled to Princeton, N.J.. where he was the guest of Prof. Laurence Hutton. The New York Times, Apr. 21, p.3, dateline Apr. 20, reported on the visit, and on another famous guest of Hutton’s. Livy is not mentioned. Sam spoke on “Patriotism” and read proofs of “A Defence of General Funston,” as reported below.



Blind Deaf-Mute and the Writer Guests of Laurence


Special to the New York Times.

PRINCETON, N.J., April 20.—Samuel L. Clemens and Miss Helen Keller, the deaf and blind girl, who is at present writing her

own biography, were the guests of Laurence Hutton at Peep o’ Day, his residence on Mercer Heights, near this city, last evening [Apr. 19] and to-day. The other guests of the evening were the Monday Night Club of the university.

Miss Keller surprised all by the readiness of her powers, and by means of her touch seemed to enjoy thoroughly the talk by Mr. Clemens which followed. Mr. Clemens spoke particularly on the position which the Administration has taken on the Philippine question. He condemned very strongly the action in this line and the stand which has been taken throughout.

April 20 SundaySam returned from Princeton, N.J. to Riverdale. In the evening he substituted for someone who was to introduce the actress Clara Morris (Mrs. Frederick C. Harriott) (1848-1925) at

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.