Vol 3 Section 0720

662                                                                        1902

Sam’s notebook: ideas for a love story set in the “Quarternary Epoch. ‘It was on a soft October afternoon 2,000,000 years ago—’ &c. The civilization & conversation the same as to-day. For the early scenery & animals, see John Fiske’s Discovery of America, vol. I” [NB 45 TS 10; Gribben 233 part].

Livy’s diary: “Mrs Ashforth & Dr Parry here for lunch; Rodman Gilder & Dr Parry here for tea; Dr Parry here for dinner” [MTP: DV161]. Note: Dr. Angenette Parry (1858-1939), NY Obstetrician who ran a NYC sanitarium where Clara Clemens would be treated in 1904.

April 14 before – Dr. Richard H. Jesse, President of the University of Missouri, wrote to Sam:

MY DEAR MR. CLEMENS,—Although you have received the degree of doctor of literature last fall from Yale, and have had other honors conferred upon you by other great universities, we want to adopt you here as a son of the University of Missouri. In asking your permission to confer upon you the degree of LL.D. the University of Missouri does not aim to confer an honor upon you so much as to show her appreciation of you. The rules of the University forbid us to confer the degree upon any one in absentia. I hope very much that you can so arrange your plans as to be with us on the fourth day of next June, when we shall hold our Annual Commencement [MTB 1166].

April 14 MondayIn Riverdale, N.Y. Sam wrote to Mme. Elisabeth Brochmann (Brachmann?) in Norway.

Don’t let Chatto & Windus, publishers, London, find you out, & there’ll not be the least harm done! But if they complain, tell them I authorized you, & they must do as the new negro song says: “Go ’way back an’ set down!” (I gave them entire authority over all translations 25 years ago, but that was only to put work on their shoulders & relieve my own) [MTP].

Sam also began a reply to Dr. Richard H. Jesse of the University of Missouri. Sam has dated this letter with Apr. 14 and also Apr. 19, both dates following the letterhead. Jesse’s announcement of a LL.D. degree to be conferred on June 4 had arrived in Riverdale sometime during Sam’s cruise.

The distinguished honor offered me by the University of Missouri touches me deeply, & is peculiarly gratifying, coming as it does, from my native State. I accept, with sincere thanks.

I will explain that I was absent on a yachting cruise in the West Indies when your letter came; & since I

reached home I have not known how to reply because we were not able to find out whether we should be in

America in June or on vacation in Venice. I am to-day informed by the only competent authority, that I am

not going abroad this summer—for which verdict I am properly grateful, & I now hasten to make to you my

too long delayed response.

[After his signature:]

Can I use the gown, hood, & mortar-board I used at Yale? If not, will you be so kind as to make one of the students order the proper rainment for me & tell the tailor to send me the bill now, without waiting, (but not the clothes), for I am uncertain in my ways & likely to die at the most inconvenient time, & I shall have freight enough when I go, & shouldn’t want a tailor’s reproaches added [MTP].

Sam also wrote to Robert Underwood Johnson.

There’s nothing in it that I object to. When is it to appear?

I rather expect that if we do not decide on a summer vacation in Europe I shall be out in that region in the early days of June. The University of Missouri offers me an LL.’D., (June 9), & if within the next ten days we elect to summer-it in America, I’ll accept & go out there & fetch it [MTP]. Note: the degree was conferred in a ceremony on June 4.

Sam also wrote a note to H.H. Rogers.

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.