Vol 3 Section 0718

660                                                                        1902

Constitution and Laws of the Juggernaut Club

MOTTO: (From “Indian Lore”—BURNET)

THE good Juggernath (or Juggernaut) is the only deity among the two million gods of India who has no preferences, no partialities, no prejudices, no resentments, and sets no man higher than another, nor lower. He is the common friend of the human race; in his presence master and slave, prince and peasant, banker and beggar stand upon one level; at his temple’s threshold rank and caste dissolve away, and before his altar, and not elsewhere in the globe, Sudra and Brahman eat from the same dish and drink from the same cup without defilement.


1. He is not removable save by a three-fourths vote.


      He alone is privileged to know the names and addresses of the other Members of the Club—this privilege not to be withdrawn except by operation of Paragraph 5;

      He appoints his successor. This power shall remain with all successors.

      The Chief Servant must reveal to his successor the names of the Members of the Club.


      The Chief Servant, if authorized by vote in writing, may reveal to the several Members the names and addresses of the Membership, but the vote must be unanimous. A single negative voice defeats the proposition.

      The proposition shall remain open without limit as to time—years, if need be—and shall not have effect until every member shall have voted.

      Silence thus constitutes a suspension of the proposition indefinitely.

      The proposition can be renewed at any time after a unanimous negative vote has been cast.

      The Chief Servant cannot discuss the Order with persons not of it, nor disclose to them the name of any Member.

        As Chief Servant this officer’s nationality is in abeyance, and he is merely Member at Large for the Human Race. Therefore a Member to represent his own country can be added to the roster.


        The Chief Servant may appoint to Membership whom he pleases—

        Provided: That his power in this matter shall be strictly limited by the requirements of Paragraph 16.


        Superior mentality, joined with sincerity and the spirit of good will; these are the sole qualifications required.


        Distinction derived from achievement or from birth and caste is not a qualification; neither is it a bar.

         For the Order is an Aristocracy and a Democracy in one, and the Membership meet upon one common elevation, one common platform of merit, as prescribed in Paragraph 13. Outside the doors of this imaginary Temple of Juggernaut, where the Club foregathers in the spirit, the Members preserve their acquired and inherited distinctions, ranks, castes and globe-distributed nationalities; but inside it ranks cease, nationalities cease; no clan is represented there but the Human Race; there is no head to the table, and the Sudra and the Brahman eat together without defilement.


        There can be one Member in each country of the world, but never two at the same time.

        The person appointed should be a native of the country represented; but this is not imperative.

        Only death can dissolve a Member’s connection with the Order. Mourning for a deceased Member shall continue one year.

        During the period of mourning the vacancy cannot be filled.

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