Vol 3 Section 0699

1902                                                                          641

Sam also wrote to Frank Bliss enclosing a copy of his Mar. 8 to George B. Harvey.

This is four days, & no reply to the above, which went to Colonel Harvey on the 8th. I have had letters from the Harpers since, upon other matters; if there had been anything objectionable it would have been mentioned—so you can go ahead, it is all right. And I am glad; for I gave them that book as a spring book only—not a Christmas book; an “objection” would cause me to take the book elsewhere at once [MTP]. Note: A Double-Barelled Detective Story was issued as a 179-page book in Apr. 1902 and collected in The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg and Other Essays and Stories in 1904.

William H. Hoyt of Hoyt & Co. wrote to ask Sam for authorization to spend from 100-200 dollars

advertising the Hartford home. “I neglected to speak of that yesterday….I will repeat as I did yesterday, verbally,

that in case of a sale…I will agree to return to you, all moneys spent in advertising…” [MTP].

George W. Reeves of Hoyt & Co. also wrote to Sam, giving updates on specific properties in Tarrytown, Irvington and Hastings. He offered to come up and give Livy information; and also to go to Hartford if Sam so desired [MTP].

March 13 Thursday Sam’s notebook: “Home. Noon. Leaving for the South. Shall consult Tom Reed & see if an action can be brought against Hearst [for the NY Journal abuses]. Left Jersey City 2.10 / Basket fruit from Mrs. Broughton & violets from Harry’s wife” [NB 45 TS 5]. Note: the Kanawha likely stopped at Jersey City to pick up Laurence Hutton. The party consisted of Laurence Hutton, H.H. Rogers, Clemens, Clarence C. Rice, Colonel

Augustus G. Paine, Thomas B. Reed, and Wallace Turner Foote, Jr. (1864-1910), whom Sam called an “Unreformed Congressman”—(New York 23rd District 1895-1899).

Sometime during the “Sutherd” cruise, a photograph of the men on the boat was taken. The MTP dates it as Mar. 1902, but it would have been from Mar. 13 to Apr. 9.

Sam left on the train for Jersey City and the five-six week cruise of the West Indies on the Kanawha [Mar.

12 to Bigelow]. Insert: Kanawha.

Sam kept a log of the cruise to points south, the TS of which is at the MTP, called “Winter-end Excursion to the Sutherd,” hereafter called “Sam’s ship log”. This day’s entry:

Thursday, March 13. Moved down by rail. Remembered with fruit from Mrs. Broughton, & violets from Mrs. Harry Rogers, jr.”

The group passed through Richmond, Va. at about 11 p.m. [Mar. 14

to Livy].


Livy’s diary: “Rodman Gilder dined with us” [MTP: DV161].

A.H. Ford wrote to Sam, sending him three box tickets for  Saturday’s performance of his plays; he planned to dramatize “The Death Disk” [MTP].

March 14 FridaySam’s notebook: “Charlston, S.C. about 8 a.m. / Lighted at the Ponce de Leon” [NB 45 TS 5].

Sam’s ship log: “Nighted at the Ponce de Leon” [MTP]. Note: the “Lighted” in the NB may be a typo.

Livy’s diary: “Susy Twichell & her friend Mrs lunched with us; Florence Gay dined with us & spent the

night” [MTP: DV161].

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.