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1902                                                                            633

newspaper makers in the history of America, feeding some 1,200. Sam did not give a speech but was noted in the N.Y. Times, Feb. 27, p.1 article, “Press of Which Honors Prince Henry”:

There was no formal closing of the dinner, and the Toastmaster slipped out with the guest. One of those who followed them out was Mark Twain, who had been chatting with Prince Henry just a minute before. He was still talking, and the Prince was looking back over his shoulder as they passed out of view.

February 27 ThursdayIn Riverdale, N.Y. Sam wrote to Laurence Hutton, that H.H. Rogers thought they should leave on their five-six week West Indies cruise on Mar. 10 or 11, probably on Mar. 10, and that he should not fail to be ready, as “that voyage will do your health a world of good” [MTP]. Note: Sam also asked Hutton to simply address him at “New York City” and crossed out “Riverdale on the Hudson” letterhead. On Mar. 2 Sam wrote to Julius Chambers, author, complaining about another piece of mail being misdirected.

Sam also inscribed an autograph note to an unidentified woman: “Yes, dear Madam, with great pleasure

Very truly yours, Mark Twain” [MTP: Chicago Book Auction catalog, Apr. 29, 1931, Item 59].

Sam also wrote to Franklin G. Whitmore, asking what had been done about the increase in Tabitha Quarles (Puss)’s pension, which he had “ tried to stop by telegraph?” He also wanted 200 more “of those cigars…same color” and let them bill him [MTP].

Livy began a diary headed “Riverdale on the Hudson / Feb. 27th 1902” and wrote down the guests at Riverdale she recalled since their move there in October of 1901. After this day she listed and dated them as they visited.

We rented last October for a year the Appleton Homestead. We have very much enjoyed our stay here. The girls & Mr. Clemens wanted to be near but not in New York this winter so we came out here. I have intended to put down the names of friends and acquaintances who have come to us here but have failed to do so. Now I am going to write those that I can remember.

Mrs. Charles Hapgood was our first visitor: then came my sister Mrs. Crane. Mrs Julia [sic Julius] Gay of Farmington.

Miss Lilly Burbank (Dr. Rice’s friend). Dr. Parry. Dr. & Mrs. Rice: Mr Fairchild, Mr & Mrs Fairchild. Rodman

Gilder Dorothea Gilder. A lunch party of Mr [illegible word] Herford Mr Norman Hapgood, John Howells,

Laurence Irving: Mr Bram Stoker; Mr Howells

Mr & Mrs. Charles Fairchild:

Mr & Mrs George Riggs (She was Kate Douglas Wiggin), Mr. Samuel Elliott: Mr. Emerson Smalley Mrs John Day, Mr Norman Hapgood.

Mrs Richard Watson Gilder, Miss Anne Sedgwick, Mrs Wheeler; Mrs Boudinot Keith, Mrs Custer: Mrs

Bartholomew; Clara Stanchfield. Mrs Maria Gay: Miss [Leila] Gittings: Marie van Vorst: Miss [Lilly] Burbank:

Kathy Day Julie O. Langdon. Mr George Isles. For Thanksgiving the Langdon family except Jervis.

Mrs George Warner: Mrs & Mrs Twichell: Miss Sophie Hammersley; Mildred Holden Miss Elvira [sp?], Miss

Aida Gleason Mrs & Mrs Archie Welch: Mme. Sarah Grand Miss Marie van Vorst:

Feb. 27th or 28th

Mr Krause of Vienna [Livy’s Diary, DV161, MTP]. Note: this last R. Howard Krause. Livy’s punctuation (or lack of ) retained.

February 28 Friday Sam’s notebook: “Krause Dinner / Brander Matthews—1.30 p.m. 681 West End Ave cor.

93d street” [NB 45 TS 4].

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.