Vol 3 Section 0681

1902                                                                            623

Man is commanded to do so & so.

It has been ordained from the beginning of time that some men shan’t & others can’t.

These are to blame: let them be damned.

I enjoy the Colonel very much, & shall enjoy the rest of him with an obscene delight.

Joe, the whole tribe shout love to you & yours! / MARK [MTB 1156-8]. Note: See Gribben 214.

Sam also wrote to the North Side Board of Trade.

I thank you very much for the invitation, but I am still booked for several dissipations this season and must not indulge my self with another

I am trying to disqualify a remark made by one of those Emperors there in Europe who had fallen into a kind of habit of not being at home when I called, and who said—apropos of nothing, so far as I could see— “You have talent, Clemens, but what you lack is discretion” [MTP: NY Times, Mar. 7, 1902, p.2 “North Side Board of Trade”].

Sam inscribed a copy of Francis Henry Bennett Skrine’s 1901 book, Life of Sir William Wilson Hunter:

“From Skrine, whom we all knew so pleasantly in Calcutta, S.L. Clemens, Riverdale, Feb. 1902” [Gribben 645].

Sam inscribed a copy of John Fiske’s 1900 book, A Century of Science and Other Essays: “S.L. Clemens /

Riverdale-on-Hudson / Feb. 1902” [Gribben 233]. Note: Fiske (1842-1901) historian who published several books and was a popular lecturer on the lyceum circuit. He knew Sam through William Dean Howells.

Sam inscribed a copy of Howard Hensman’s 1902 book, Cecil Rhodes: A Study of a Career: “All about the Empire Builder and Pirate… S.L. Clemens, Riverdale, Feb., 1902” [Gribben 233].

Sam inscribed a copy of Alexander Kelly McClure’s 1902 book, Our Presidents, and How We Make Them: “S.L. Clemens, Riverdale, Feb. 1902” [Gribben 439].

Sam inscribed a copy of Lile de Vaux Matthewman’s 1901 book, Crankisms, etc. “From the artist. / SL.

Clemens / Riverdale-on-Hudson / Feb. 1902” [Gribben 458].

The second of two segments of Sam’s story, “The Double-Barrelled Detective Story” ran in Harper’s Monthly. It was collected in The $30,000 Bequest and Other Stories (1903).

February 1 Saturday – In Hartford Sam went to the bank for some necessary items in his safety deposit box. He likely called on Franklin G. Whitmore as well. After a 24 hour trip, he returned to New York and arrived back in Riverdale at 7:15 p.m. [Jan. 29, Feb. 2 to Whitmore; Jan. 31 to Rogers].

Livy and probably one or both Clemens girls, went to N.Y.C. to see a matinee performace of Harriet Ford’s play, A Gentleman of France. Livy lost an emerald and diamond ring somewhere during the day [Feb. 10 to Marbury]. Note: the play was at Wallack’s

Theatre see insert. Sam would write Elisabeth Marbury on Feb. 10 asking if she knew the proprietor of the theatre and would she get Livy’s ring.

Henry J. Magonigle for the Players Club sent a form letter asking for Sam to pay his dues [MTP]. Note:

Sam wrote on the env. “No attention paid to this idiot. / SLC”

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.