Vol 3 Section 0678

622                                                                        1902

Enclosed is the summons. If you can’t get me released, take my place—the court will prefer that anyway. Please let me have your hen-composition. I promise not to let it get out of my hands, & I won’t print it unless I put it into Huck’s or Tom Sawyer’s mouth one of these days when I transfer your school-jubilee to

the banks of the Mississippi.

I’m expecting to leave for Hartford at 4 p.m. & be Twichell’s guest for 24 hours, then return.

Jean is bad again. It is a continuous distress—without a break these 5 years [MTHL 480]. Note: n1 of the source conjectures the summons was either an appearance in court in the case of Robert Lutz vs. Jacobsthul, or for jury duty. Rogers’ hen-composition was a piece Rogers read at a reunion for Fairhaven H.S. See n2 of source. Evidently, Sam, moved the Feb. 1 trip to Hartford (planning to meet Whitford at 10 a.m.) up to a Jan. 31 departure and night’s stay with Twichell.

Sam left Riverdale for N.Y.C. and Hartford, where he gave an unscheduled dinner speech at Allyn Hall for Yale Alumni Association. The Hartford Courant reported the next day,

“The familiar features and flowing hair of the gifted humorist were quickly recognized and the entire party rose, cheered, clapped and yelled with a waving of napkins and other demonstrations of delight” [Note: Part of Sam’s remarks may be seen in Fatout, MT Speaking p.426-7.; NB entry gives this date for “Yale Alumni Dinner” NB 45 TS 3]