Vol 3 Section 0677

1902                                                                            621

“Please meet me at Mr. Twichell’s house about 10 a. m., Feb. 1 & go with me to the Safety Deposit for some things. I leave for New York that day. / Don’t tell anybody I am coming[MTP].

Sam also wrote to Charles Erskine Scott Wood.

Think it over, then ask me again if you like, & I will give you a letter to Carnegie, the which I have never done before, because I think I know him. I believe I know him well enough to know that he would not take any interest in it. But it’s for you to say; if you sound the call, I’ll answer.

I’ve been away since Jan. 20 & just returned [MTP]. Note: in Wood’s hand on the letter a short note—he thought later it had been about getting an endowment for a School of the Theatre, but he’d dropped the idea.

Sam also sent a telegram to Frank Fuller, declining to offer a testimonial for Gluten Soap that Fuller was marketing (telegram not extant but referred to on env. of Fuller’s Jan. 2) [MTP].

Elisabeth Marbury wrote to Sam. “I am herewith returning your agreement with Mr. Dillingham having taken a copy of same. As I told you yesterday I really think you will do well with this arrangement” [MTP].

January 30 ThursdayIn Riverdale, N.Y. Sam wrote to A. Schönstadt, editor of Das Morgen -Journal, N.Y.C. that he had no photo of himself now, but would instruct Rockwood Photographers to send one


According to Sam’s Jan. 31 to his nephew, Sam went into N.Y.C. this day and called on the Harpers.

Elisabeth Marbury wrote to Sam regarding the CY dramatization (text not available) [MTP: Parke-Bernet catalog 26 Mar 1957, p. 13, 1744].

The New York Times announced on p.8, “Three Mark Twain Plays,” that Charles Frohman had secured the dramatization of TS, and that HF would be a sequel by Jerome Sykes, and CY “has been prepared” for Dan Daly.

January 31 FridayIn Riverdale, N.Y. Sam replied to William Webster Ellsworth (incoming not extant).

When money is taken for the performance I don’t take part, except in a private house, —in New York City. I’ve played to money in private houses once or twice, & hope for other chances of the like, but I’ve declined every one of the other kind, & find it a good & wise rule.

It isn’t that I am not in sympathy with the cause, for I am; it is only because it is easier to decline 20 invitations than to accept one & then explain to the other nineteen.

Verstehen Sie? [MTP].

Sam also wrote to Samuel E. Moffett.

You can call on the Colonel [Harvey] again, now—I went down yesterday & talked with him & Duneka.

They were not encouraging.

You can mention casually that I am projecting a periodical of my own & want you to make no arrangement which will bar you from being its editor. Give no hint of the character of the periodical. But you can say I am not going to edit myself; also you can say I did not mention it yesterday because I never absolutely decided to start the magazine until after a final & searching meditation over the matter last night.

Do you get the idea? In case I should take the job elsewhere I don’t want them to be able to say I never gave them a chance to apply for it. … [MTP].

Sam also wrote to H.H. Rogers.

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.