Vol 3 Section 0663

1902                                                                            607

Small & Maynard Scheme – Oesophogus:“It is a joke & you are an ignoramous!” Juggernaut Club – Double Barrelled – Christian Science Humbug – West Indies Cruise

Charleston Fair Resembled a Funeral – Tarrytown Bargain – Defense of Funston Clara’s Escape – Pallbearer for Stockton – Hannibal Revisited – LL.D.

Piloting & Christening – York Harbor & “The Pines” – Huck on Stage – Livy’s Crisis Barred from the Sickroom – Omaha & Denver Ban Huck – Invalid Car to Riverdale Birthday Bash: “I cannot make a good mouth” – Reed’s Last Speech

Help Stoddard – Princeton Inauguration – Jean’s Pneumonia – “Heaven? Or Hell?”

1902 – Sam recorded he was paid $11,270.05 plus $17,730.00 this year by the American Publishing Co.

He estimated the Co. cleared $21,000 [NB 46 TS 17].

NOTE: In Riverdale, N.Y. Sam wrote several undated notes to the “invalid” Livy, of which 18 survive. The MTP dates these only as 1902-1903. However, Wecter puts them as “impossible to date with precision, but apparently belong to the late winter and early spring of 1903” [LLMT 341]. Two of these have been dated here as after March, 1903, and Aug. 13, 1903. For these reasons they are all placed in 1903, those not yet exactly dated labeled only by the MTP numbers. See 1903 and the above specific entries.

Twain wrote a sketch unpublished until 2009: “The Jungle Discusses Man” [Who Is Mark Twain? xxvi, 169-73].

Note: title assigned by the MTP.

Ca. 1902, Sam wrote “How Nancy Jackson Married Kate Wilson,” a story of which very little is known. It was also titled “Feud Story and the Girl Who was Ostensibly a Man” [Camfield’s bibliog.]. Note: it was first published by the Missouri Review in Mar. 1987. Some have speculated the story may have been inspired by troubled thoughts over Susy Clemens’ lesbian relationship with Louise Brownell.

Twain wrote a 500-word story fragment in either 1897 or 1902, which the MTP included in Hannibal, Huck & Tom, and titled “Doughface,” is based on ch. 53 of LM [Rasmussen 116].

Sometime in 1902 Twain also wrote a story, “The Bee,” which was not published in his lifetime. It was partly published What Is Man? And Other Stories (1917) [Camfield’s bibliog.].

Paine puts the year as 1902 and also offers the title, “The Victims,” for Sam’s allegory involving microbes. Lecky writes, “Mark Twain here approaches a demonic or even a Satanic point of view. A master and a maker who has so ordered things that each creature must live by murdering a fellow creature can be regarded as an evil deity…” [Fables of Man 133-40].

Sam wrote “Aguinaldo,” a MS of 62 pages and a TS of 21 pages, not published until 1992 in Zwick’s MT’s Weapons of Satire, etc. [AMT-1: 707].

Sam also wrote “Huck,” a one-page MS, probably written this year [AMT-1: 707].

Sam wrote to William H. Chiles in Lexington, Mo. (only the envelope survives) [MTP:Cohasco Inc. catalog, 1979, Item 40].

Sometime before June in 1902, Sam also wrote to George Sands Goodwin:

“I suppose I ought to take an interest in this subject, but really I don’t.

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.