Vol 3 Section 0627

1901                                                                            571

Budd gives other stories about Riverdale burglaries: “Riverdale Burglar-Ridden,” NY Sun, p.1; “Mark Twain on Burglars,” New York Evening Journal, p.12; and New York Journal and Advertiser, p.1 [Budd, “Supplement” ALR 16.1 (Spring 1983) 70]. Budd’s no. 170b. Also in MTCI 405-6.

October 12 SaturdaySam received a copy of George Washington Cable’s new book, The Cavalier

(1901) [Oct. 15 to Cable].

Elisabeth Marbury wrote to Sam.

As you are probably aware [PW] is now being played under the management of Shipman Bros. As the Mayo Estate is only getting a certain percentage of the gross receipts they would like to know how much you would be willing to accept as your share. I believe under the arrangement with the late Mr. Mayo you received 20% of all the profits. Of course now a different arrangement would have go be made [MTP]. Note: Sam wrote on the env. “Inquire what my share in Puddnhead ought to be”

October 13 SundayIn the evening Sam finished reading The Cavalier, George Washington Cable’s new book [Oct. 15 to Cable].

Sam inscribed a flyleaf of Russell Alexander Alger’s (1836-1907) The Spanish American War (1901):

“S.L. Clemens, Riverdale-on-Hudson, Oct. 13, 1901” [Gribben 20].

October 14 Monday – William Dean Howells wrote to Sam [MTHL 2: 730]. Note: letter dated Oct. 15; postmarked Oct. 14; Howells was likely confused as to the date.

Michael P. O’Riley wrote from NY to Sam. He was a policeman and had read Sam’s interview in this day’s Herald. He wanted Sam to know that policemen were with Seth Low almost to the man, and wished Sam success in his canvass for votes for Low [MTP].

The New York Sun reported on Sam’s additional comments on the mayoral election and his eligibility to vote, “To Challenge Mark Twain,” p.6 [Budd, “Supplement” ALR 16.1 (Spring 1983) 70]. Budd’s no. 171a. Also in MTCI 409-10.

The New York Herald, p. 5, ran an interview article, “Mark Twain Would Convert Tammany Police”

[MTCI 406-9].

Chatto & Windus’ Jan. 1, 1904 statement to Clemens shows 2,000 3s.6d. copies of P&P were printed, for a total printed to date of 5,000 [1904 Financials file MTP].

October 15 TuesdayIn Riverdale, N.Y. Sam wrote to George Washington Cable.

Your book came three days ago, your note [not extant] this morning. I finished reading the story night before last. From start to finish it kept me electrically a-tingle with its rush & go, & charmed with its brilliances of phrasing & its other manifold fascinations. Thank you cordially! [MTP]. Note: See Gribben 123. Cable’s book referred to was The Cavalier (1901)

Sam also wrote to William Webster Ellsworth. “The project fascinated me, & I greatly wanted to do it, but I have decided against it. A good half the people would put a disparaging construction upon it & make damage for me” [MTP]. Note: Sam may have been referring to his proposed book on lynchings in the U.S., a recent “project” of his.

Sam also wrote to Mrs. Herbert C. Fisher of Worcester, Mass. declining an invitation to lecture [MTP].

Note: Mrs. Fisher is listed as treasurer for the Worcester Branch of the Woman’s Board of Baldwinsville Hospital Cottages.

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.