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1901                                                                            565

Note: Murray Hill Hotel was close and convenient to Grand Central Station. In the right margin Sam wrote “He can’t report once at this hotel [Grosvenor] because we remove to Riverdale Tuesday morning; whereas No. 3 will come off Thursday, I guess.” Sam forwarded Joe’s letter with an added note to H.H. Rogers on Sept. 29. See entry. “No. 3” was the third of three races in the America’s Cup.

September 28 Saturday

September 29 SundayAt the Grosvenor Hotel, N.Y. Sam wrote (on the margins of Twichell’s Sept. 27 letter) to H.H. Rogers: “Dear Mr. Rogers: I shall try to get in, tomorrow or Tuesday & telegraph Twichell what day to come, & what hour in the morning, & whether at West 35th st, or where” [MTHHR 474-5]. Note: this about

viewing the America’s Cup third heat on Oct. 4.

Sam also wrote to Joe Twichell.

It looks now as if No. 3 [heat in America’s Cup races] would be next Thursday [Oct. 3].

We leave this hotel for Riverdale a couple of days before that [Oct. 1].

My instructions for last Friday were, to appear at foot of West 35th st. at 8 a.m., Where the “Kanawha” (Mr. Rogers’s yacht) would be lying at anchor & his launch waiting to tote me out.

I mean to drop a note to Mr. Rogers & can get instructions sent to the Murray Hill for you.

Goodbye for the present—hoping to see you on board the Kanawha. / Mark [MTP]. Note: the third heat would not be until Oct. 4; the second Oct. 3.

Sam also wrote on Grosvenor Hotel letterhead to Franklin G. Whitmore asking him to “collect the within early—I am leaving that bank,” and giving him the new address as Riverdale, N.Y.C. [MTP].

Sam also wrote on Grosvenor Hotel letterhead to Mary D. Young (widow of John Russell Young) in Washington, D.C.

I explained to your publisher in a note a few days ago, that I should not be able to undertake the work. But even if I were competent to do it & could do it well & worthily, my contract with Harpers would not allow me the privilege…I beg pardon for my tardiness; I am very busy moving & getting to housekeeping


September 30 Monday

OctoberSam inscribed a copy of Memoirs of Samuel Pepys for Susan Crane: Stolen from / Mrs. Susan L. Crane / by/ her most loving & almost only brother-in-law / SL. Clemens / Riverdale, October, 1901” [MTP].

Sam also inscribed No. 15 of Chatto & Windus’ edition of his works to: John Y. MacAlister: “To J.Y.W.

MacAlister with the very best regards of the Author. Riverdale, New York City. Oct. 1901” [MTP: American Art

Assoc. catalogs, Jan. 4, 1928, Item 91].

Sam also inscribed his 1901 photo by Theodore C. Marceau to an unidentified person:“Mark Twain… October 1901” [MTP: Am. Art Assoc. catalogs, 13 Mar. 1918, Item 79].

Sam inscribed a copy of John Kendrick BangsOver the Plum-Pudding (1901): “S.L. Clemens, Riverdale Oct. 1901” [Gribben 45].

Sam inscribed a copy of Sidney Webster’s (1828-1910) Two Treaties of Paris and the Supreme Court (1901): “S.L. Clemens, Riverdale Oct. 1901” [Gribben 754].

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.