Vol 3 Section 0620

564                                                                        1901

In his ignorance of what had really happened off the coast of Nova Scotia Mr. Clemens, still thinking over his loss, wrote this advertisement the other day:

LOST—On Broadway or stolen, a comparatively new umbrella showing some wear, cost 97 cents at Sterne’s fore part of January. Finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving the property at DR. RICE’S in Irving Place, where owner will call for same.

He suspects Mr. Rogers or Mr. Reed and hoping to shame either of them into surrendering he sent the copy of the advertisement to Mr. Rogers’ office with a request that it be published. The mail clerk opened it and, unsuspecting his employer’s guilt, sent it to the newspaper in which it was printed. Ever since, umbrellas have been delivered to Dr. Rice’s. Up to midnight last night 117 had been received. After to-day the umbrellas will not be taken at the front entrance on Irving place but at the basement door in East Nineteenth street.

“All of these umbrellas will be sent to Mr. Clemens as soon as he arrives in town,” said Mr. Rogers last night.

“Where is Mr. Clemens now?” asked the reporter.

“Let me think,” said Mr. Rogers, “seems to me he’s in Elmira. Is there a reformatory in Elmira?” “Yes.”

“Well, that’s the place. He’s in Elmira.”

September 25 WednesdayIn Elmira, N.Y. Sam wrote to H.H. Rogers.

The trouble with Tom Reed is that he don’t belong to no church & ain’t got no sympathy with suffering. How much would they allow us on an umbrella-display at the Pan-American?

You can have half [MTHHR 473]. Note: a continuation of the “missing umbrella” in-joke.

Sam also wrote Joe Twichell, inviting him to a cruise on Rogers’ yacht, Kanawha, to view the third of three races (“No. 3”) in the America’s Cup (Sept. 28-Oct. 4) defended by the Columbia against the Irish Challenger, Sir Thomas Lipton’s Shamrock II [Sept. 26 to Rogers].

Francis Wilson of Francis Wilson & Co., N.Y. wrote to Sam from Baltimore, Md., inquiring what arrangements could he make for producing CY as a musical comedy. He preferred to pay a fixed amount per week [MTP]. Francis Wilson (1854-1935), veteran comic actor, playwright, and author.

September 26 ThursdayThe Clemens family left Elmira and returned to New York, where, at the Grosvenor Hotel, N.Y. at midnight, Sam wrote a postcard to H.H. Rogers.

“Langdon hopes to be able to come.

“Yesterday evening I wrote & invited Twichell. / SLC / I’m coming” [MTHHR 474].

Note: Sam and H.H. Rogers were planning to witness the third of three races in the America’s Cup Sept. 28 to Oct. 4. from Kanawha. See Joe’s answer, Sept. 27 entry.

September 27 Friday – Joe Twichell wrote to Sam, answering his invitation to join the cruise to view the “No. 3” boat race:

Dear Old Mark: / It is mighty kind and thoughtful of you to plan me such a pleasure, and I am going to take it in if it is a possible thing. I’ll watch the paper and see when the third race comes and run down the night before. If I put up at the Murray Hill Hotel it will be because I shall arrive late; also to have my handbag handy when I take the train home. But I will report to you at the Grosvenor betimes in the morning.

If you hear when No 3 will take place scratch me a line.

You were no end of a good fellow to write twice to me during your breathing-spell. The reason why I haven’t answered is that I haven’t had any breathing spell at all since I got home [MTP].

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.