Vol 3 Section 0606

550                                                                        1901

Dias adds this passage:

Another anvil missed. The descendant of Captain Kidd is the only person who does not blush for these incidents. Harry and Mr. Clemens blush continually. It is believed that if the rest of the garrison were like these two, the yacht would be welcomed everywhere instead of being quarantined by the police in all ports. Mr. Clemens and Harry have attracted a great deal of attention, and men have expressed a resolve to turn over a new leaf and copy after them from this out.

Evening. Judge Cohen came over from another yacht to pay his respects to Harry and Mr. Clemens, he having heard of their reputation from the clergy of these coasts. He was invited by the gang to play poker, apparently as a courtesy and in a spirit of seeming hospitality, he not knowing them and taking it all at par. Mr Rogers lent him clothes to go home in [Dias, Odd Couple 103].

August 17 Saturday – The Kanawha stopped in Portland, Maine where Thomas B. Reed disembarked.

Then it sailed directly for N.Y.C. [MTHHR 468 n1].

Sam’s log: August 17, Saturday.

Sailed early.

The Reformed Statesman, growling and complaining again—not in a frank, straightforward way but talking at the Commodore, while letting on to be talking to himself. This time he was dissatisfied about the anchor-watch; said it was out of date, untrustworthy, and for real efficiency didn’t begin with a Waterbury, and was going on, to reiterate as usual, that he had been a pilot all his life and blamed if he ever saw, etc., etc., etc. We put him ashore at Portland. He has a thousand good & lovable qualifications & a trace of veracity, & we parted from him with regret.

Sailed from Portland [Dias, Odd Couple 103; MTP (versions slightly vary)].

August 18 Sunday – The Kanawha arrived in New York City.

Sam’s last entry in his log: (insert drawn by Harry Rogers 1901)

New York. Cast anchor off the Recreation Dock in the evening. A final search for the umbrella produced nothing, except regret.

Thus ends a sumptuous & hospitable voyage which was filled with pleasure & contentment, & was profitable to all who had part in it, in rest, refreshment of the spirit, & reinvigoration of body & brain [MTHHR insert after p.396; “Summer Excursion to the Nutherd” MTP].

August 19 MondayThe estimated date of the Kanawha’s arrival in N.Y.C. Sam’s Aug. 16 to Livy expressed hope that he would find a letter from her at the Grosvenor Hotel. He spent one night there and took a delayed trip back to Saranac Lake the next day, Aug. 20.

August 20 TuesdaySam left N.Y.C. in the a.m. for his return to the family at Saranac Lake, N.Y. His Aug. 23 to Rogers shows the trip took him 17 hours, arriving at 1 a.m. on Aug. 21, and that he spent “a couple of days in bed” with a cold, or, Aug. 21 and 22. On the 27th he wrote Miss O’Reilly that he’d “been Ill since my return until now.”

August 21 WednesdaySam arrived at Saranac Lake at 1 a.m. and spent this day and the next two days in bed fighting off “a cold in the head” [Aug. 23 to Rogers].

August 22 ThursdaySam was in bed at Saranac Lake fighting off a head cold . See Aug. 23 to Rogers.

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.