Vol 3 Section 0591

1901                                                                            535

signed the note “Mongoose.” His first paragraph is a short spoof that begins by “What does the mongoose say? That the spider is right to smile” [MTP].

The New York Times, p. BR 6, “Books and Art,” printed a letter of Sam’s concerning the missionaries controversy. The letter is uncollected, and was written some time before this publication. Thanks to JoDee Benussi for spotting this:

The friends of the Rev. Mr. Ament, missionary to China, have been congratulating themselves that the guns of the distinguished enemy, Mark Twain, had been silenced concerning the controversy over the missionary question in China, into which he was plunged by his criticism of Mr. Ament some weeks ago. Mr. Ament’s turn came when he reached this country, and since then Mark Twain has been silent. It would seem, though, that he was getting ready for a new attack on the missionaries, as in a letter acknowledging the receipt of Henry Savage Landor’s volumes on “China and the Allies” he says: “I wish I could have had them two months ago, as I see they contain certain information which I very much needed at that time, but I am not sure that I am done with the China business yet, and if I take it up again these volumes will be a competent treasury for me to draw from.”

June 30 Sunday

JulySuccess magazine for this month ran an article by William S. Ament, “Mary Twain’s Criticism is not Justified.” See Feb. 7 from Judson Smith, Feb. 18 to Tribune ed.

James L. Ford’s article, “A Century of American Humor,” ran in Munsey’s Magazine, p.482-90. Tenney: “The brief section on MT attributes the lasting quality of his work, both humorous and serious, to ‘the philosophy and truth which are its essential qualities.’ The accompanying drawings of the authors discussed are all by the same illustrator, N. Stein, and the sketch of MT is ordinary” [Tenney: “A Reference Guide Second Annual Supplement,” American Literary Realism, Autumn 1978 p. 172].

July 1 Monday – Surviving canceled checks:

Check #





Chas. S. Brown


“final house rent”





Adirondack park co


July 2 Tuesday

July 3 Wednesday

July 4 ThursdayAlong with dozens of other luminaries, Sam endorsed a statement from The American Anti-Imperialist League, et al, to the American People with this date from Chicago, Illinois.

July 5 FridayIn Saranac Lake, N.Y. Sam wrote to H.H. Rogers, suggesting guests for a planned cruise on Rogers’ new yacht, Kanawha.

How would Ex-President Cleveland do? Or Judge Howland? Or both? Tom Reid [sic Reed] would make a grand team—if they are friendly, & I don’t see why they shouldn’t be. Both have fought to victory & covered the field with the slain; both have retired to paths of peace, & they should not mind smoking its pipe & burying the tomahawk. Shall I write & invite them? Will Reid be willing? Would you mind asking him?

[MTHHR 464]. Note: see July 28 to Twichell.

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.