Vol 3 Section 0571

April 27 Saturday

1901                                                                            515


1892 for a tuberculosis cure and stayed until his death, setting up a successful real estate business, serving on the school board, and helping to build a public library. Sam may have returned to the Adirondack region before May 10, or may have arranged to lease what they’d already seen.


Pratt & Whitney per W.M. Storrs wrote again to Sam about the old bill of $1,744.20. They’d received Sam’s reply of Mar. 9 asking for the bill to be sent to H.H. Rogers, and were at a loss as to what else they might do to collect [MTP].


April 25 Thursday – Sam had been asked to preside at the dinner of the Get Together Club in Arlington Hall, but sent a letter pleading poor health. The gathering and the letter was reported by the New York Times, Apr. 25, p.9:




Why He Did Not Attend the Dinner of the Get Together Organization No. 3.


Mark Twain had been asked to preside last night at the dinner of the Get Together Club, No. 3, in


Arlington Hall, St. Mark’s Place. He sent a letter, in which he said:

“I must not venture it, although my sympathies are naturally with you in the work which you are inaugurating. I have temporarily broken myself down with trying to do too many things, and shall try to save what is left of me by going softly for some months to come and limiting my industries to the several engagements to which I am already pledged.


“I beg you to pardon me for not replying yesterday, but indeed I was not able. I am wrecked with rheumatism these last six days, and do my sleeping by snatches in the daytime, for I get no reprieves from pain in the night.”


Sam’s notebook: “? Read in Princeton [NB 44 TS 9].


An unidentified female (“A sister of one of the ‘little ones’”) wrote to Sam, accusing him of having


“looted pure and noble Christian character. What reparation can you make?” This against his article “Sitting in Darkness” [MTP]. Note: Sam wrote on the env. “Use this as a Wish Text”.


April 26 FridaySam wrote to Hiram Stevens Maxim, the letter not extant but referred to in Maxim’s May 8 reply [MTP].


Sam’s notebook: “Dinner” [NB 44 TS 9].



Sam’s notebook: “Brooklyn Clerical Union Funk (J.K.) 30 Layfayette Place. / Dinner— 5.30 (& Livy) Montauk Club. / Take Flatbush ave trolley at end of bridge—get out at cor 8the ave & Flatbush— Montauk is only a few doors away” [NB 44 TS 9].


Sam spoke at the Mauntauk Club, Brooklyn, for the Brooklyn Clerical Union. The New York Sun, p.1 covered the event:




Glad, Anyhow, That the Clergyman Spared

the Head of the Family


NEW YORK. April 28.—Mark Twain was a guest of the Brooklyn Clerical Union on Saturday night. It was “ladies’ night,” and President Rev. Dr. J. F. Carson welcomed the ladies with a eulogy of wives.


SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.