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490                                                                        1901

Twain noted “Blood!” in quotes on the back of the letter. Although there is a strong possibility that this letter was a practical joke, or perhaps a protest by some member of the Sellers family using the name of Mulberry for effect or cover, such an actual Mulberry Sellers might indeed have existed and written this letter in sincere indignation. Within the ludicrous threats is a delicious irony that surely pleased Twain: after two name changes more than twenty-six years earlier, here a living “Mulberry Sellers” rises out of the “vasty deeps of uncharted space” to object. The statute of limitations proved no shelter for a literary man [54].

February 25 MondaySam’s notebook: “Millard, at Waldorf, lec. on China War. Shall I go?” [NB 44 TS 6]. Note: Thomas Franklin Fairfax Millard (1868-1942), journalist, editor, founder of China Weekly Review. He was also a war corresondent for the N.Y. Herald and had articles printed in several N.Y. papers. He supported Sam in the Ament indemnity controversy.

G.W. Patterson of St. Johnsbury East, Vermont, wrote to Sam after reading his article in the N.A.R., enclosing a poem he entitled, “The East to the West” [MTP]. Note: Sam wrote on the env. “A fine poem”

February 26 Tuesday – George Lynch gave a lecture on China that Sam had promised on Feb. 19. to attend. Sam’s notebook: “Lynch’s lecture with pictures—Waldorf 8.15 / Read the story again at Dr. Rice’s—in evening” [NB 44 TS 6].The New York Times, Feb. 24, p.20 ran a short squib announcing:

A Lecture on Peking.

“In the Heart of Peking” is the title of a lecture to be delivered by George Lynch, the war correspondent, who, as the representative of The Illustrated Sphere and The Daily Express of London, marched with the allied troops to the Imperial City. The lecture will be illustrated by stereopticon views from photographs made by Mr. Lynch and by J.C. Hemment.

Franklin G. Whitmore sent Sam a statement of his Hartford account, totaling $491.59 income, $436.03 expenses, and $54.66 on hand. [1901 Financials file MTP].

Charles A. Benners sent Sam a clipping of his letters dated Feb. 10 and Feb. 19 to the editor of the Brooklyn Eagle, backing Sam’s opinion in the N.A.R. article [MTP].

February 27 WednesdaySam’s notebook: “Osteopathy—Albany Grand Central Depot—leave 8.30 a.m.” [NB

44 TS 6].

The New York Times, p. 6, “Osteopaths to Have a Hearing,” announced in a special item from Albany, N.Y. that Mark Twain would be the principal speaker to an Assembly Committee on Public Health on Feb. 28 dealing with the prohibition of osteopathy and Christian Science

The New York Times, p. 1 reported on Sam’s talk in favor of a bill to license osteopathy before a public hearing in Albany, N.Y.



Appears at Public Hearing Before Assembly Committee.




Wants to Try Everything That Comes

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