Vol 3 Section 0486

432                                                                        1900

Lieut. Churchill is the son of Lady Randolph Churchill. He is first cousin to the Duke of Marlborough. While an officer in the Transvaal the Lieutenant was the correspondent of The London Daily Mail, and since his return from the war he has been lecturing in England. He will sail for this country on Dec. 1.

November 25 SundaySam’s notebook: “Mrs. Roosevelt Robinson, lunch—meet H. Cabot Lodge. / 422 Madison Ave” [NB 43 TS 30].

Note: Corrine Roosevelt Robinson (1861-1933), nicknamed “Conie,” was the sister of President Theodore Roosevelt. After 1910 she became a published poet and lecturer. She married Douglas Robinson . Henry Cabot Lodge (1850-1924), Republican politician and Senator from Mass. (1893-1924) Lodge was a staunch advocate of the War with Spain over Cuba, and leader of the “imperialist faction” in the US Senate. He also worked to defeat the ratification of the League of Nations. If politics were discussed at this meeting, Clemens did not record such.

At 1410 W. 10th in N.Y.C., Sam replied to George H. Keller (18942-1935), Hartford architect and engineer, that he was “hopelessly busy,” but if he ran across Chauncey Depew he would “put the matter before him” to the best of his ability [MTP]. Note: Keller was in demand for his designs of bridges, houses, monuments, and buildings. He is best known for the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Memorial Arch, in Hartford (where Keller’s ashes were buried), and the James A. Garfield Memorial in Cleveland, Ohio. Keller’s incoming request is not extant; the subject is not known.

Sam also sent an autograph to an unidentified person: “Very truly yours / Mark Twain / Nov. 25/00.” [MTP].

November 26 MondaySam’s notebook: “See Col. Harvey” [NB 43 TS 30]. Note: in view of the letter below, perhaps Harvey was not available so he had to settle for a letter.

At 1410 W. 10th in N.Y.C., Sam wrote to George B. Harvey, President of Harper & Brothers, that “The terms proposed in your letter of recent date are satisfactory,” and also acceptable was the publication of Mark Twain’s memoirs “100 years hence” [MTP].

Sam also wrote to Mrs. Farris. Cue: “My wife & I answer” [MTP]. UCCL 13065 letter is currently unavailable.

Ida E. Chamberlin wrote to Sam. Only the envelope with five letters enclosed survive. Also a copy of Helen Keller’s touching “appeal” dated Oct. 27 from Wrentham, Mass., proposing a school for children deaf, dumb and blind [MTP].

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Messrs Tiffany


November 27 Tuesday Livy’s 55th birthday.

Owen Wister wrote to Sam. “This morning I’m much astonished and pleased by an invitation to meet you at dinner next Tuesday. I’ve thanked Mr. Ellsworth, but must also thank you most heartily. Of course I’m coming—probably incognito in order to retain your permission to call upon you at 14 West 10th Street” [MTP]. Note: William Webster Ellsworth.

November 28 Wednesday

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.