Vol 3 Section 0482

Sam went to City Hall to file a complaint about a cab driver (see Nov. 21 entry).

November 22 ThursdaySam’s notebook: The Monterey, 351 W. 114th & Columbus Avenue. Cars pass door. But can go by 6th ave Elevated & get off at 116th. Then take 116th surface cars down Manhattan Avenue & pass the door. / Sam Moffett dinner 6.30. / 2 p.m. at the Greenwich Savings Bank—6th ave & 16th. / Harsen Rhoades” [NB 43 TS 29-30].

Note: John Harsen Rhoades, Jr. (circa 1870-1943), son of John Harsen Rhoades (circa 1838-1906), the founder and president of the Greenwich Savings Bank who retired from business at the early age of 39. His son John Harsen Rhoades Jr. founded the investment bank Rhoades & Co. which merged with Carl M. Loeb

      Co. in 1937 to become Loeb, Rhoades and later Shearson Lehman, a subsidiary of the American Express Company. Which Rhoades Sam was seeing at the Greenwich Bank is not clear.

The N.Y. Times ran the article about Mark Twain’s complaint against the cab driver (see Nov. 21 and Nov. 23 entries).

This was the evening referred to as the “Conspiracy” dinner in Sam’s Nov. 21 to Hutton and his Nov. 20 to John Kendrick Bangs. According to the prior letter, the gathering would have included wives. A galley proof of the invitation survives with a note on the verso from Sam to Mr. Lee, catalogued as “after 4 December 1900”.

November 23 FridaySam’s notebook: “Flagg. 10.30. / Mrs. Van Rensalier              afternoon / Mrs. Ed Hewitt

Carriage will come at 4” [NB 43 TS 30]. Note: either Charles Noel Flagg, artist, or John Henry Flagg, author.

The New York Times, p. 7 ran a follow-up to Sam’s run-in with the cab driver who overcharged Katy Leary:


One False “Cabby” Learns the Power of His Wrath.



The Humorist Says the Citizen Is an Unclassified Policeman—Due Praise for Marshal Roche.


The down-trodden victims of New York’s nighthawk Jehus can exult today in a triumph gained yesterday by Mark Twain. A “cabby” was haled before Mayor’s Marshal Roche and his license to overcharge and insult his customers was suspended.

The people who witnessed the trial were wondering all the time whether it was another of Mark Twain’s rare jokes, and they expected to hear him tell a funny story about he wept over the tomb of Adam, “my original ancestor.”

If there was a joke in the matter Mark Twain held it up his sleeve until after the hearing. In fact, he started a Quixotic quarrel with he people of New York who allow Jehus to overcharge them for rides, condemned them as “criminals”, and appeared as an abused citizen.

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.