Vol 3 Section 0425

1900                                                                            373

At 30 Wellington Court in London, Sam wrote to Katharine Boland Clemens (Mrs. James Ross

Clemens) that Livy was “shut up in her room with a deep cold on her chest” and would be unable to visit, but he would “bring her regrets in place of bringing HER this evening” [MTP].

Sam also replied to Fanny Clemons of Madison, Wisc. (her letter not extant).

“I hold myself a loser, in that I am not able to establish the relationship; but the truth is, I am very weak on genealogy & know nothing of a positive nature about my blood back of my grandfather” [MTP].

Sam also wrote to H.H. Rogers.

Well, you have certainly put the Kester matter through in first-class style. I am ever so much obliged to you. I hope there’s a play in Tom Sawyer & that those boys will dig it out & make it go.

If we can get a comfortable country house with 4 or 5 acres of garden & grove & grass close to London—within 30 minutes of it—we shall remain until October, & continue Jean’s treatment without going to Sweden. Thus far we have found only one place that comes near to being satisfactory, although we have been scurrying around for some days. To-morrow we shall look at it again & see if we can make it answer. Doubtful. …

I came near seeing Marcus at Anaconda in ’95, but he escaped. I was ready to compromise with him for stock.

[Note: Paul Kester had signed a contract, overseen by Rogers, to dramatize TS. Marcus Daly of Amalgamated Copper. Sam and Livy chose the Dollis Hill house, four miles into the country and moved in on July 2. It’s not clear whether the house referred to above was the Dollis Hill house]

Sam also discussed the Brooklyn Gas stock, and Plasmon, then told of Will M. Clemens:

Here is this troublesome cuss, Will M. Clemens, turning up again. I won’t have it. The enclosed letters will explain the situation. I have mailed copies to his publisher. Won’t you enclose copies to Col. Harvey & ask him to watch for advertisements of these books & keep you posted, so that you can set Wilder or some other brisk lawyer to work squishing them at the right time? Bliss & Harvey ought to pay some of the cost, I think. Clemens can’t write books—he is a mere maggot who tries to feed on people while they are still alive [MTHHR 446-7; MTP]. Note: For Will Clemens, see his incoming on May 22 and Sam’s reply on June 6, undoubtedly the enclosed copies referred to here. Will Clemens wrote again on July 10.

June 14 ThursdaySam’s notebook: “Several boxes of chocolate-cakes. / GOUT. JAP PLAY. / Plasmon 12?”

[NB 43 TS 16]. Note: it seems the Plasmon Co. held regular Thursday meetings.

At 30 Wellington Court in London, Sam wrote to The Royal Society for the Improvement of Natural Knowledge, a scientific group established in 1662.

“Mr. & Mrs. S.L. Clemens accept with pleasure the kind invitation of the President of the Royal Society for Wednesday, June 20th at 9 p.m.” [MTP].

Sam also wrote to Franklin G. Whitmore.

Yours of the 6th just received [not extant]. It should have been forwarded to me a full month earlier. But I was not expecting to get it in time, & so I wrote Bliss some time ago that if you got over-taken by taxes, to let you have the money….I wish the house would burn down; it is nothing but a fret to me.

We remain in England till October, then go home. We can’t manage to get away any earlier [MTP]. Note:

Sam wrote crossways in the left margin: “We move out in the country 4 miles, July 7.”

SLC used mourning border for most letters from Susy’s death on, then from Livy’s death on.